Stop Deceiving Your President, You know Where to Find us-Niger Delta Avengers Dares Nigerian Army

The Niger Delta Avengers, a new militant group operating in the oil-rich region of southern Nigeria on a post dated 30th of May, accused the Nigerian army of deliberately avoiding their (NDA) terrain. That they are aware of where to find them; and that they should stop deceiving their president.

The statement on its website titled, “Tompolo Before Your Eyes Your People Are Suffering”, criedout  that Nigerian soldiers are harassing innocent citizens of Gbaramatu kingdom. That they know where to find them and should stop deceiving their president.

The statement signed by Brigadier General Mudoch Agbinibo, also accused the military of committing crimes against humanity and systematically raping girls of the community. It also called out the army commanders overseeing the Gbaramatu invasion who the community leaders have indicted of looting and burning of homes forcing residents to leave their home for fear of brutality.

The group further revealed that a pipeline contractor, Captain Okunbor Idahosa, chairman and chief of oil Marine Services has bribed the Nigerian Army brigade commander of Benini, Brigadier General Faruk Yahaya and the officer commanding army gunboat of the JTF, Major M.B. Yahaya with sum the of #250m to destroy Gbaramatu kingdom under the guise of hunting the Avengers.

They group, in a very strong tone vowed to retaliate over incessant acts of brutality meted out to the innocent citizens of the Delta State . “…be assured that we shall make this fight personal with you as we shall make your life a living hell…”

Meanwhile, the group, which gave two weeks ultimatum for all oil companies to vacate the region, has promised doom to those who turned deaf ears to their orders. “To the international Oil Companies and Indigenous Oil Companies, it’s going to be bloody this time around. Your facilities and personnel will bear the brunt of our fury, which shall fall upon you like a whirl wind” it wrote.


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  • we need honest in military ,let peace restore in Nigeria,I think federal government should seek for dialogue