Mouth odour is the offensive air that comes out from the mouth.  This could be due to the presence of some bacteria. The attention you give to your mouth matters a lot, when your mouth is well cleaned it can add to your prestige and self-esteem. A clean mouth also makes you sound and healthy.

The mouth in this article means the teeth, gum and the tongue.



Before I go into this, give out a little of your time and read this short story. During my early days as a fresher in the university, at first I was very optimistic to meeting friends who were well groomed. I came in contact with this pretty damsel. She has white teeth and pink lips but, the odour coming from her mouth was very repulsive. It was difficult for me to breathe when she talked, then I had to quit being close to her for my dear life.

You want to find out whether your mouth stinks? Just lick your wrist, wait for it to dry then smell it, you will find out. Or better still smell your mouth.

Research has it that bacteria, fungi, dead tissues and food residues are responsible for bad breath. These bacteria and fungi live on the tongue due to food residues trapped on it. That is why even if the teeth is as white as snow the mouth still smells. Research also has it that 90 percent of the smell from the mouth is caused by the tongue. Flossing only the teeth  with toothpaste only gives temporal fresh breathe (less than an hour freshness) and the rest of the day is characterized with smelling saliva and breathe.

How will you feel when people don’t stay close to you when you talk? You will be embarrassed. It is very hard to stay comfortably with someone with bad breathe no matter how close he or she is to you.

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There is nothing that subdues one’s emotion than the feeling of unacceptability. A healthy mouth encourages good health. After each meal, there food particles that always remain in your mouth(your teeth). These food particles decay to form bacteria, fungi and other germs. Because of this it becomes necessary to floss your mouth regularly to avoid the intake of germs from previous meal.

When your mouth stinks it irritates your neighbors. It makes them isolate themselves from you. They will avoid your company (in a covert manner) because of the repulsive odour you fill their noses with. A situation like this affects your emotion. Your dignity will drop. The feeling of inferiority will set-in thereby marring your relationship with others.

A clean mouth makes you feel good, confident and healthy. It makes you well accepted whenever you are in the midst of others.




I am very happy that most of the problems we are going through have solutions. Bad breathe also has its solution. It makes you feel inferior in trying to relate with your friends. At times it make you cover your mouth before talking to friends. The following can help prevent bad breathe.

1. Brush your teeth on a daily bases:


After each meal there are food particles that hide under the teeth. At times water cannot remove these particles, as a result it is very necessary that the teeth be flossed at least twice daily. The teeth means both the outer and the inner parts of them.

Your mouth when food particles are left to decay in your teeth


2. Picking of the teeth:


At times, some of the food particles can’t even be removed with brush. That is why it is also helpful to pick the teeth with toothpick or any other clean object that is not going to introduce bacteria to the mouth.



3. Scrapping of the tongue

Remember we said earlier that 90 percent odour from our mouth is produced by the tongue. This is as a result of bacteria build-up, food debris, fungi and dead cells on the surface of the tongue. The tongue cleaner is an oral hygiene device used in scrapping the surface of the tongue to remove the substance covering it. A flat local stick can also be used after which a toothbrush with a toothpaste (Oral B toothpaste)  can be used gently upon the tongue to make it a mint of fresh air.

White substance being removed

4. Avoid eating hot or very cold food.

Hot food melts the gum of our teeth. Although this doesn’t happen to everybody. Body type differs.

In order to enhance your confidence each day start with a proper and thorough cleaning of your mouth. Good breathe attracts friends to you.