The Fulani Herdsmen, President Buhari and his Security Chiefs, by Charles Ogbu

nigeria is deeply divided

It comes a time in a people’s life when they have to overcome fear and cowardice and look their oppressors in the eye and tell them that they are not unaware of their devilish plan. I really think that such a time has come for southerners, middle-beltans and other minority group in the North who have continued to be the victims of the state-sponsored murderous land-grabbing campaign of the fulanis across the country.

Yesterday, these beasts from hell visited terror on the people of #Ndiagu-Atakwu in Enugu state where they killed a seminarian, cut the bodies of two women open, leaving their intestines dropping on the ground and injured dozens. Before then was the turn of southern kaduna where they killed dozens including RCCG pastors.Fulani1

From #Agatu(Benue state) Nimbo & Ndiagu( Enugu state) Southern kaduna, Taraba and all the other places these monsters have visited with death, there is one common denominator: none of these places is inhabited by Muslims or Hausa/fulanis. They only target places dominated by Christians. Just do your own research and confirm for yourselves.

And I really need to say this because I’m reasonably certain and I can prove it:

President Muhammadu Buhari and almost all his security chiefs plus all the northern emirs and the Sultan are complicit in the mindless bloodletting by the Fulani herdsmen and other criminal activities of Northern Muslims against southern Christians and other minority tribes across the country.Fulani2

President Buhari and his Northern Muslim-dominated security team are not negligent. They are not incompetent. They are clearly complicit in these!!

We’ve lived in denial and cowardice for far too long. Its time we damned the consequences and let these guys know we know what they are doing.Fulani3

Here are verifiable facts to back up my accusations against the aforementioned people:Fulani4

When the fulanis massacred hundreds in Agatu (Benue state), rather than move quickly to arrest and prosecute them, the police organised a townhall ‘reconciliatory’ meeting between those beasts and the people whose loved ones they just massacred in their hundreds. In this meeting, right there before the country’s no1 law enforcement officer, these criminals admitted killing the Agatus to avenge their cows but rather than arrest and prosecute them, the then police I.G turned to the Agatus and chided them for ‘inflating’ the figure of their dead, adding that he didn’t see up to 500 dead bodies on his way to the venue of the townhall meeting. On his part, president Buhari didn’t even utter a word. His spokesman told us he (Buhari) didn’t need to personally respond to every issue (this is the same Buhari that wastes no time sending condolence messages whenever there is an attack anywhere in the world) Weeks later, this same Buhari told us the killer herdsmen were from Libya. Few days after, he announced they would import brazilian grasses to feed the Fulani cows(the same people he said were from Libya) The DSS boss was too busy arresting and imprisoning the pro-Biafra guys to even help us with intelligence in that regard. You know that mentioning the term “Biafra” is more of a threat to the country than the murderous fulanis killing hundreds of people, right? The army was busy shooting unarmed IPOB guys praying inside Ngwa High School in Abia state.

If there is any incident that clearly removed all doubt about the complicity of president Buhari and his security chiefs in this murderous land-grabbing campaign of the fulanis, it is the Monday April 25th killing of over 87 villagers in Nimbo-Ukpabi, Uzo-uwani in Enugu state where the governor; Ifeayi Ugwuanyi publicly stated that he received intelligence report about the impending attack and quickly summoned emergency security meeting of all security heads in the state where he not only passed the information to them but went further to provide them with all the needed logistics to prevent the attack, following which they all assured him they would ensure the attack never happened only for them to sit back and watch the attack happen in full. To further lend credence to the involvement of the security agencies in these, the then Enugu police commissioner quickly tried to shield the fulanis from the blame by blaming it on ‘hoodlums’.

As I type this, all the security chiefs who deliberately allowed the fulanis massacre the Nimbo people are still in their positions. The police commissioner was rewarded with a redeployment to the Nigerian Port Authority, Port Harcourt. No sack, no query, no nothing from their commander-in-chief; president Buhari. What does that tell you?

Now, here is the worst part of this whole thing: as I type this, the fulanis who murdered hundreds of Agatu villagers are still there in Agatu, occupying the land of their victims. The Nimbo killers returned few weeks after the attack.Fulani6

Now, take a moment and imagine waking up every morning to behold the faces of the monstrous beasts who murdered your parents, still occupying your land with the so called security agencies doing nothing about it.

Incase these few instances I cited above do not convince you of the active connivance of the security agencies in these killings, here, let me give you more instances:

Few months ago, after incessant attack and raping of their women by the Fulani criminals, the people of Awgu community decided to embark on a peaceful protest but right there, they were arrested by a combined team of police and soldiers who took them to Abia state and dumped them in a prison without bail. It took a #hashtag campaign (FreeAwgu76) by Nigerians on social media to force the army to release them after the police denied involvement in the whole thing.

Now, think about this for a second: the fulanis kill, maim and rape with impunity but they are never arrested and prosecuted but their victims are the ones being arrested by the security agencies. Ask yourself, whose interest are the security agencies protecting? The interest of the whole country or that of just the fulanis??

Recall that on the 4th of May, this year, few days after President Buhari ordered security agencies to fish out the fulani killers (which was meant to pool a wool over our eyes) and at a time when most northern leaders including the Northern governors forum and even the sultan of sokoto were busy claiming that the fulanis weren’t responsible for the killings, the association of fulani cattle rearers led by one senator Dagiri Alkali went straight to the Defense Headquarters and publicly admitted all the atrocities attributed to them but claimed they carried out all the killings because according to him, “we have been pushed to the wall”.

You’d think that considering the so called order given by Buhari, the Defense boss and his men would quickly arrest the self-confessed killers but trust me, you’d have thought wrong as the Defense boss represented by director Admin; Maj. Gen. Fatai Ali did no such thing.

Even the Defense minister; Abdulrahman Dambazzou has repeatedly ruled out deploying soldiers against the killer herdsmen. He said it was just mere clashes between farmers and herdsmen. The death of more than 500 innocent Agatus, hundreds in southern Kaduna, dozens in Enugu etc is just “mere clashes between herdsmen and farmers” according to the interior minister who is a Fulani himself.

48 hours after these demons from Hades killed 81 people in another attack in Benue state, the president and commander-in-chief of the Nigerian armed forces; Muhammadu Buhari, donned a military fatigue for the first time in 3 decades to launch a military task force….not to protect farmers or innocent Nigerians being killed and maimed by these kinsmen of his but to protect fulani cows from cattle thieves!!

The fulanis herdsmen are the perpetrators, not the victims of these heinous crimes but they are the ones being protected while the same govt was busy suggestion that farmers should start paying protection fee if they want govt protection.

Can you beat that!!

On several occasions, both the emir of Kano and the Sultan of sokoto who is the leader of all Muslims in the country, have called for death sentence for cattle rustling but none of these men have ever spoken out against the mindless bloodletting being perpetrated by the fulanis. They don’t even want to admit the Fulanis are the perpetrators here.

Buhari is busy telling us the herdsmen are Libyans, meanwhile the same Buhari budgeted one billion naira for grazing reserve for the fulanis and is currently pursuing the implementation of the grazing reserve across the whole country for the same people he claimed were Libyans.

The mallam lawal Daura-led DSS has never spoken about the fulani atrocities but when over 50 bodies were allegedly discovered in a shallow grave in Abia state, Mr Daura who is a Fulani himself, wasted no time in telling Nigerians that not less than 5 of the bodies were those of fulanis killed by IPOB. The DSS didn’t tell us the ethnic identities of the rest of the bodies probably because only the fulanis were important. Others were irrelevant. Now, ask yourselves, why would a country’s intelligent agency release such information to the public even if it was true? Well, I’ve got your answer: the DSS wanted to provoke ethnic cleansing against the Igbos in the North as well as paint the IPOB guys as criminals.

These fulani killings and the non-challant attitude of the president, his security team and most Northern leaders is not a mistake, it is not even an aberration. The whole thing is part of a larger plan. Don’t let anyone fool you.

To really understand these whole thing, you need to first understand the thought process of an average Hausa/Fulani man with regards to the #OneNigeria project:

An average hausa/Fulani man sees the whole of Nigeria as his inheritance, southerners as conquered people — his slaves to be killed or maimed whenever he feels like and the entire resources in the south as his and his alone.

And that is why;

When a northerner like the late Sani Abacha stole, an average Northerner like Bihari doesn’t see it as stealing because he believes the entire resources in the country is theirs and that is why Buhari publicly told the whole world that Abacha didn’t steal a dime despite evidence that the kano-born dictator was the biggest thief in Nigerian history.

This is the same mindset that made Junaid Muhammed to declare that North owns the oil in the Niger Delta. It is still this mindset that make you hear the scions of Danfodio threatening war over the activities of the Niger Delta militants. I mean, the militants are blowing up pipelines in their backyard in protest over govt neglect and further destroying their environment in the process but it is somebody from far away Sokoto, Maiduguri etc that is threatening war over that?

Whatever happens, always remember these:

The president and the Hausa/fulani muslim dominated security agencies are not interested in protecting you from the fulanis. They are all united in this evil.

These killings won’t stop. They will get worse until we are all enslaved. Save this post!

If you arm yourself for self defense, the security guys will arrest you for illegal possession of firearms. But the fulanis can roam the street with Ak47 assault rifles. Buhari has reasons for putting Hausa/Fulani Muslims in charge of all but two of the entire security agencies in the country.

If you still haven’t realized that this is one of the reasons, trust me, you haven’t realized anything.

This country sucks, big time. Even George Orwell’s Animal Farm wasn’t this bad.

This our fake union is not working, at all. Why we have chosen to keep living in denial beats me.Fulani5

To push for restructuring under this current government is the height of delusion. So, how about we break up this country in peace since its been proven that we have nothing in common? Why are we still lying to ourselves that we are #OneNigeria??

How can we descend to the level of believing our own lies??