‘Not all the cases of alleged herdsmen killing are always true’ – Buba Galadima

fulani herdsmen

A Board of Trustee member of the All Progressive Congress, Mr. Buba Galadima, has condemned every blame of attack on herdsmen. He stated that the perpetrators of every evil should be identified by their names instead of accusing a tribe.

He disclosed this on a television programme yesterday. According to him, it is unwise to ascribe recent attacks in Enugu on herdsmen. And that herdsmen are not responsible for every alleged attack.

“We must build our nation, if miscreants carry out some heinous activities, we should call them by their names and stop ascribing it to a tribe.

victim of herdsmen attack


“It is common among communities for Fulani herdsmen to have disagreements over grazing, however, they always settle the issues amicably. Also, there are always miscreants in every community therefore, not all the cases of alleged herdsmen killing are always true. Nigerians must know that you can never see anyone rearing over 200 cattle, leaving them to go and attack a village,” he added.

victims of herdsmen attack
mourners after herdsmen attack