Avengers: Dialogue, But Do Not Surrender Your Weapons


I have always thought that the resurfacing of the Niger Delta militants in this current administration is a divine plan. I am from the Eastern part of the country, but this has nothing to do with my support of the activities of the militants. The Niger Delta Avengers pose the highest threat to this government.
If we take a look at the way things are going in this country under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, you will have no doubt that there is a hidden Islamic Agenda. Starting from the make-up of the president’s cabinet and the security agencies. There is a conspiracy in the government house to re-colonize some parts of Nigeria. Especially, areas occupied by those who don’t believe in Muhammed.
The appearance of the Avengers saved us from this ruthless conspiracy. The militant group is posing a big threat to the implementation of the policies of the Islamic world in our beloved country. The Avengers serve as a watchdog checkmating the activities of Buhari and his co-conspirators. What I am saying here is that, if not for the Avengers, Nigeria would have been like Turkey. It would have become a country where being a christian is a capital offense. A country where a Christian is regarded as an alien. All thanks to God for raising his army at the peak of the implementation of this evil plot.
Have you stopped for a moment and asked yourself why? Why is the government lenient in dealing with boko harm or the Fulani herdsmen, but  is using all its military might to crack down the militants? The Fulani herdsmen kill and main their victims yet there is no order of military crackdown on them. They destroy properties worth thousands of millions of naira, yet they walk freely on the streets of their host without being harassed? Their terror has caused many sleepless nights across the country. They are the most deadly terror group in the world, yet they are giving VIP treatment in Nigeria.

I still stand my ground that, if there were no Niger Delta Avengers today, you and I would have been smelling our asses. We all would have been religious slaves in our fathers’ land. The freedom we have today would have been a mirage. Churches would have been burnt down and sharia law imposed on everyone who wants freedom of movement. Buhari and his Muslim brothers took an oath to force sharia laws on those who are not Muslims. Which tells why he majored his key appointments from the northern part of the country.
Finally, I plead with you, Avengers and other determined militant groups in Niger Delta to resist all forms of pressure mounted on you to surrender your weapons. You can ceasefire, but don’t surrender. You are aware of the threat of the new book haram leader to kill only Christians and spare Muslims. You are our backbone. If you surrender your weapons, we are finished.




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