The types of Governors Nigeria should have (The example of Ayo Fayose )

Due to the fast evolving industrialization and technological development in the world, the incessant terrorists attacks and the extremists activities which Nigeria is not immuned against. It is pertinent in consideration of the primary objectives of the states which is to protect the lives and properties of their citizens to assess the competence of the governors in line with protecting the lives and properties of their citizens, especially in the southern part of the country where Boko haram is infiltrating communities and killing hundreds of innocent Nigerians in the guise of Fulani herdsmen. Governors must possess a certain competence and measure to live up to this task.

Unfortunately, some governors are rather feeble. They sneak into government houses without any clear cut agenda or the zeal to serve. Other than to amass wealth and exploit the resources of the states, abusing government institutions and abandoning their duties.

I wish all the governors in Nigeria would be like Gov. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state. It will be a great honour to personally meet with him someday and be tutored politics by him. This is a governor that identifies with his people’s needs. He is not rich like other state governors, but he is loved by his people because he values their lives and  identifies with them in times of difficulties.

Recall that this dreaded Fulani herdsmen are the third most dangerous terrorists organization in the world and have carried out dastardly attacks killing and maiming hundreds of innocent lives across the country. The current cases in southern Nigeria are in Enugu and Ekiti States.

The first time they attacked Enugu was at Ukpabi Nimbo in Uzo-Uwani LGA. Enugu state Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi went to the scene, cried and declared fasting and prayers, gave the affected families lumps of money possibly to assuage them of their lost. That action was ill advised, a show of cowardice. With all due respect, Ugwuanyi is weak and unfit to govern a state in Nigeria. He could have stood like a man and taken proactive and preemptive measures to prevent further attacks as the Fulani herdsmen are not known for attacking a state once especially if they go unchallenged.

The cases of Benue and Nassarawa are there for us to see. These monsters came back to Enugu state again leaving scores of innocent Nigerians including a pregnant woman whose child was removed from her womb and a seminarian in the pool of their own blood. The Governor still went there cried as usual, but fortunately for the citizens who were already on a compulsory fasting declared by Buhari through his economic policies did not declare another fasting.

Look at the case of Fayose. His state was attacked and only two people were killed. He went there immediately, called together the villagers and hunters across the local government and urged them never to flee their communities for intruders, but to stand and defend their heritage (unlike Enugu where the body language of the governor and the people’s lack of confidence in his ability to protect their lives prompted every citizen of Uzo-Uwani to flee their homes. Uzo-uwani was like a grave yard for months).

Fayose also urged them to kill any herdsman in protection of their lives and in the events that their wives and daughters are about to be raped by the herdsmen. Such words coming from the governor could heal the wounds and boost their morals more than money can ever do. He didn’t stop there. He equipped the hunters and gave them phones with which they were to alert the government should any herdsman be seen grazing in an unwanted area. He also went as far as sending a bill to the House of Assembly criminalizing among others, grazing with dangerous weapons, grazing at night and grazing in an unwanted area.

These are far reaching decisions. They are preemptive and proactive measures from the expert in act and art of governing and it will go a long way to forestalling future attacks.

Ugwuanyi should in the light of this: having failed to carry out his primary duty of protecting the lives of Enugu citizens and having shown incompetence in discharging the pertinent duties of a modern Nigerian governor be impeached. It is rather unfortunate that House of Assemblies in Nigeria have proven to be the rubber stamps of their governors, abandoning their constitutional duties.

I’m a staunch PDP member, but the truth must be told because some national issues are beyond party affiliations and religious bigotry.

Governor Fayose is no doubt the type of governor every state in Nigeria should crave to have. He is refined, humble and always with his people. Fayose is equal to the task. Edo people are lucky to have such a governor in Ize-Iyamu should they do the needful by voting PDP on the 28th of this month.