Forget Buhari, Try MMM

forget buhari, try mmm

Right from time it is always the poor that bear the consequences of every wrong decision made by government officials. From administration to administration the poor are the recipients of the ends of all the wicked decisions they make.

The economy of this country is very sick and unconscious. It has been infected and rendered hopeless by Buhari and his bunch of rotten bananas. They are bunch of mugus. No good economic policies can come from their empty heads, always leveraging on heaping dungs of blames of past administrations. We cannot continue to depend on these economic fools, I think we should try MMM.

The coming of MMM to Nigeria is God’s design. Especially, now that hard work doesn’t seem to pay anymore. You won’t find it funny if after working industriously for 24hrs, you are rewarded with peanuts as salary. No one likes to work in vain. MMM is the solution to all these mess created by Buhari and his village people. You want to know how MMM works? Follow me to the dance floor.

MMM is a community where people help each other. It is a platform that helps participants from different parts of the world to connect with people who need help and people who give help. This is how it works, as a participant, before you can get help from MMM you must have provided help to another participant. Once you register with MMM you get a kind of bonus known as ‘mavro’. This mavro cannot be bought unless you have provided help to a participant who needs help. When you have provided the help you can be able to collect the mavro in cash form when you seek for help.

There is bonus for registration as well bonus for inviting new participants to the community. It is not compulsory to invite new participants, but if you want to grow your money I urge you to invite as many as possible participants you can.

You may want to know the least amount of money you can start with. Let’s say N10,000 can start it for you. You can also register with as much money as you have, no limits. Before you provide help be sure the amount of money you want to give is available and ready at all times. If you can’t do it stay off.

Furthermore, it is also imperative you know some of the major rules in MMM. You must be honest, generous and ready to reciprocate gratuitously. You must be able to provide help within 48 hours the request is made if not you are out forever. So no tricks.

MMM by some people is a lazy man’s business. Yes! let it be. What have you gained through hard work for the past eight months? How many times have the government paid you your monthly dues? You only have one life to live not two. I don’t think you want to look like an eighty-years old man when you are still forty. I said to myself if I can’t be gainfully rewarded after over working myself, why won’t I join the league of lazy men and be rewarded for doing nothing? You see, MMM is here to better our lives and save us from unreasonable suffering (work without pay).

Finally, to get started, go google ‘MMM’ on your smart phone, log into their official website, follow the procedures, get registered and start enjoying your one and sweet life in the comfort of you home.

Don’t doubt this because many have started living big through MMM. Goodluck.


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