How to track your phone any place using Tecno T-Band.


You can now stop bothering yourselves of carrying your phone everywhere you go. The Tecno T-Band is here to give you the assistance you need.

How the T-Band device works
This wearable smart wristband works with any android device running on not later than Android 4.3 operating system. It has a dedicated app called the T-app which can be downloaded from the Google play store. This app comes pre-installed on the Camon C9, so if have the Camon C9 device you don’t need to worry about downloading the app again.

For the T-band to work with your device, the Bluetooth connectivity must be switched on and synchronized with T-app installed on the phone.

TECNO T-Band allows you to get in touch with your smartphone even when the phone is far from you- it helps to track your phone in case you misplace it. You can use it to take photographs on your device which must not be farther than 10 meters away. It utilizes speedometer which counts your walking steps. It also monitors your sleep, serves as call reminder and also as sedentary.


Speedometerand sleep monitor
Have you ever thought about tracking the kilometres or how long you have walked? Have you thought about tracking your sleep, fitness etc.? TECNO T-Band brings fitness and activity tracker to you just like some smart watch does. It counts how many steps you take at a particular time. When you open the app, click on sports session and swipe down to see the scores display on the screen.

Phone Finder
The T-Band is helpful in case you misplace your phone because you can trace wherever the phone is. You just have to press the T-Band’s main button for three seconds. The phone will vibrate heavily and ring (if not in silent mode) to notify you where it is.
The T-Band will also notify you whenever your phone is 10 meters away from you to keep it within your reach all time and secure. It also functions the reverse way, in that the smartphone can notify you (with Ringing or vibration) if your T-Band is out of range, which even makes it easier to detect where your smartphone is immediately, because notification will be turned on both on your smartphone and your Smart band.

Taking Photographs
Have you ever tried to take pictures with some of your friends with your camera and still want to appear in the photo, but no one around to help? Don’t worry, with T-Ban you can capture everyone including yourself. To do this, just place the smartphone in a good position with your friends well in range, and join your friends for the snapshot (bearing in mind that range must not exceed 10 metres), then just press your T-Band to snap the picture and see wonders of technology.

Notification for Calls & SMS
Just like smart watch devices, this gadget notifies you of incoming calls, SMS and other notifications on your phone. You can keep your phone at one end of the house or in your pocket and receive calls and SMS notification via the T-Band