A Blind President In The City Of Two-Sighted Men


The coming of APC was greeted with cheers; it was celebrated all over the country. The youths were happy; they thought they would be given opportunity under the new platform to become the leaders of yesteryears. An opportunity that eluded us under PDP. I particularly followed my elder brother and political benefactor, Engr John Christopher Adoyi (a.k.a Wonkie Chief) to APC. I immediately, was installed as the youth secretary of my ward in one of our inaugural meetings.

As time went by, I discovered that APC lacked a clear cut agenda. That it was without a manifesto of any sort and a mere conglomeration of disgruntled elements. In an article I tagged “APC APC APC! What Is Your Ideology?” i gave numerous reasons why I couldn’t remain in the party. In fact, I wrote that the party was tantamount to the Janjaweed brotherhood of Egypt because of the way all the strategic positions in the party hierarchy were ceded to northerners and a plan to run a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Fani-Kayode followed suit and so many others who saw beyond their noses and who rose above parochial and religious lines. We tried to warn Nigerians about what they were getting into but we were rebuffed with an obstinate resistance. We failed to ask APC their ideology. We saw it as a party of opportunity, an alternative party. We wanted a change. We wanted to test another retinue of politicians.

These were some of the reasons why we ventured into supporting the party, but when Rotimi Amechi and a retinue of PDP leaders joined the party, same old faces. We saw their gimmicks and withdrew our support. There was a conspiracy to overhaul the process and oust Jonathan from power at whatever cost.

The main campaign started after Buhari emerged as their flag bearer. Fortunately, I am a very good student of history, I knew Buhari’s complications in the 53 suit cases, I knew about the $2.8billion he stole as petroleum TET-fund chairman, I knew about his notorious, archaic, moribund and draconian decrees no 4 and 20 particularly. I knew about his hatred for non-northerners which made him arrest Alex Ekweme and imprisoned him for 209 years while the president of the supposedly corrupt government enjoyed the luxury of a gigantic skyscraper in Lagos in the guise of being under house arrest. I brought all these to our fore- knowledge but we were once again resisted with every tenacity.

A presidential debate was organized and the president refused to attend, he refused to show us his certificate but we were comfortable with his NEPA bill. Buhari committed so many blunders that we could have looked beyond his body language. We were yet again, deceived with mouth-watering and jaw-breaking promises. We were duped.

Buhari came to power, relaxed and prepared himself to tour the world. It took him 6 hooping months to get himself a band of coconut brains as cabinet members at the detriment of our economy which at that time needed urgent attention to keep the pace Goodluck has already set. His budget was flawed and highly padded. The height of corruption, one wonders if he sincerely wishes to fight corruption.

To confirm that the party lacks an ideology translating into a lack of unity of purpose among the APC government. They started fighting themselves when time became ripe to share the bounty. Nigerians started losing patience. The worst of it all is that somebody who contested for years lacked an agenda and could not deliver a speech of his own.

I was really ashamed of Buhari when he admitted this plagiarism. This shows Nigerians that our president lacks our interest. He should come up with his own speech. He should talk to Nigerians and not read a script. Does he even have plans at all? I wish not to call him an illiterate but he is really acting like one.

Nigeria is a great country with great people scattered all over the world. It is therefore an irony that our president is an illiterate who represents old ages and backwardness.
God bless Nigeria

Okpe Sylvanus
Political Commentator and Civil Right Activist