Why You Should be Creative


The economy is cyclic. It goes up today and drops the next day, what if it goes up and doesn’t come back? what do you have to give in in order to withstand this situation? Most people think being creative is of no need to them and has nothing to offer.

Who would think that stand-up-straight-and-stick-the-gut-in military needed to be creative? All they do is follow orders – or so we think. But the US military was one of the first modern organizations to realize that innovation could help them.

Creativity means coming up with more ides in a shorter period of time. The key fact here is generating ideas quickly. Being creative can actually influence how things more around you, and create a greater chance for the future, providing good career especially in a cyclic economy with recession. Creativity is a tool for developing good models used to solve a particular problem.

Ways of Being Creative

  • Learn a new skill
  • Develop your skill
  • Be perfect in what you do
  • Market and Sell your skill



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