Peter Obi’s speech: Much ado about what?

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Ezekiel Anuri, 183 Okporo Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, 080367252: Abimbola Adelakun’s article with the above caption (Thursday, October 6, made a very balanced critique of Peter Obi’s speech at The Platform. Especially, on the issue of strong institutions, rather than strong personalities.

But, one believes that the speech should be appreciated from, especially, two perspectives. One, in a country where looting of state resources has become the norm, such that routine matters like salary payment have become impossible or a Herculean task, one person stood out and made a difference, such that today Anambra State is the only state in Nigeria not owing both their workers and pensioners. Yet, the state is a constituent part of Nigeria where all federal and state executives are excusing their financial obligations on dwindling oil revenue.

Two, Obi excelled the much he did despite the weak institutions. So, the “much ado” is both justified and earned. If Nigeria has refused to restructure, and instead choose to wobble on by successive governments, those who choose to make a difference, like Obi, deserve the garlands and accolades.

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