Ten days after the burial of the six poisoned kids in Ekwulumili, Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State. One of the witnesses at the burial, who is also a native of the aforementioned town has taken to Facebook to voice his discontentment on the role of the State government concerning the sad event.

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Melancholy as family buries Six kids in Anambra state

According to Mr chidozie Vernantius in the statement he tagged “HEIGHT OF PROPAGANDA” wrote “I felt bad when I was informed about the visit of the parents of the six children that mysteriously lost their lives same day in Ekwulumili some times ago, to the governor in his lodge in Amawbia, and the visit was arranged by the state commissioner for Women Affairs. When this incidence happened, a lot of media bloggers wrote about it, I personally wrote about the incidence and called the attention of some of the media aides to the governor, as well as the former Chairman of Nnewi South local government Chief Ossy Iyiegbu, who rushed to Ekwulumili and confirmed the incidence.

It was quite disheartening that the governor or any of his aides never identified with the family nor the community throughout the whole time the investigation into the cause of their deaths lasted. Due to financial constraint, the family could not continue the investigation due to the fact that they are not financially bouyant enough to pay for a full autopsy that should be conducted on the kids. It was heart breaking and excruciating at the same time, the parents were left to their fate and when they couldn’t continue with the investigation on their own, they decided to bury their children. The state government never cared to come in and help or identify with the family in any way. Even the day the kids were being committed to the mother earth, it behoves the governor to be there, having gotten the information one week to the burial (as opined by the commissioner for women affairs, who denied that the government was not aware of the incidence the time it happened, but got the information about their burial one week to the date of burial), the governor sent to Porthacourt, telling us that we in Ekwulumili do not really matter. Now that the children have been buried, the governor invites the parents to his lodge to console with them in front of Channels and other Media outlets, with the promise to dig deep into the cause of their death.
To me, this is pure propaganda and a means to achieve a cheap political goal. The governor was so callous of Ndi Ekwulumili to the extent that a family list six children, instead of the governor to drive down to Ekwulumili to sympathize with the bereaved, he invited them for a press conference, to tell the world that he is compassionate. He ain’t compassionate in any sense of the word. The government claimed ignorance of the incidence, stressing that they became aware of the burial via a letter written to the commissioner of Women Affairs by the father one week before the burial.
A governor who is compassionate would have stopped the burial of these children the moment he got the information and conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of their death. Rather, the governor sent his commissioner to attend the burial, while he went to Porthacourt to enjoy himself. We in Ekwulumili are abreast of the happenings in the state. The present government has not contributed anything to the community that gave him 99 percent of their total votes during his election, despite the fact they he never came to Ekwulumili throughout the time of campaign.

He has shown that he is not really with us, our lives do not really matter. Inviting them into the government house or lodge in front of channels, ABS and others is just a ploy to score a cheap political goal. How does he intend to investigate their deaths, now that they have been buried? Postmortem nko?
The day of reckoning is fast approaching, our leaders in their usual manner may rush to government house to collect some cash and promise you our collective support, but the truth is, we are being forced to look elsewhere. Of all the 177 communities in the state, Ekwulumili is the only community that has not benefitted anything from the government of APGA since they took over Agu Awka house. No road has ever been constructed by the government, the secondary school in our community is now a den is squirrels, no functional health centre, no government appointment, nothing. We are not asleep, we are watching.”

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