Annabel has watched the political sphere in Imo State for two years now, and last weekend, I sat down with her in Café in Owerri where we discussed extensively about the Government of the State.

“In your State,” she said, after shaking her head severally, “you have politicians of just the media, who are only good in hyping whatever they have done.”

I quickly agreed with her, and she said something else that struck me. “Their exaggeration,” she said, “clearly shows that they really know what it at stake, and how to tackle the war, aiming to win.”

These politician beat their own drums, dance their own tunes, and sing their own oriki. They are the very ones who blow their own whistles on the silent streets, who wear colorful masks in the crowd, who stand when others sit, and cry out when the sun shines. They are the ones- the political noise makers.

They are virtually everywhere, in every corner of the world; in the society, in organizations and offices. They say two when they mean one, and they mean five, when they say ten. In Nigeria, we have them, they occupy the important offices. Now, I want to talk about them, but first of all, I will begin from those of them from my State, my Imo.

Frankly speaking, if politicians in Imo State could make judicious use of the time which they waste in noise making and whistle blowing, then our darling State will have no other to compete with, in the entire South-East. Instead of carrying out the duties entrusted to them as their responsibilities, they are rather crying out to the media about ongoing projects of theirs, making us feel that they are running some sort of charity organization.

All these are to draw some unnecessary attention which does not worth it in anyway. The underlying question remains: If you don’t carry out those responsibilities, who will?

I get so pissed off when someone in an elected position comes to the radio or television to tell how he has become a messiah overnight for his people, providing free medical care which any of his ancestors or coming generation has even done or will ever do.

For instance, why should it be news that Chike John Okafor is providing free eye medical services to the very constituency that voted him? Am yet to find reasons for this whistle blowing that has continued to trend in the media as a result of this. These are the very people who never screamed Chike’s name on the streets before they voted for him. If Chike really knows why he was voted, he wouldn’t have seen any of these accomplishments of his as miracle or a certain charity fund; he would have seen them as his responsibilities.

The political office is one of the positions where your accounts of stewardship are always before you, no matter how good you try to paint them. They are clear, as clear as crystals. Gallivanting from one media house to the other for publicity may not actually solve the problem. Telling the whole world how you paid off for the poverty of your own people is not a surety. A leader’s role is, and remains, to oversee the welfare of the people handed over to him; and see it as his own responsibility, rather than a charity organization.

Come to think of it, most of these Santa-Clause-claiming politicians have always failed to tell us about the Federal Government sponsored projects. They go ahead in creating scenarios that portray them as not just the brains behind the project, but as the owners, and sponsors of the project.

Lately, the masses have come to learn about projects duly funded by the Niger Delta Development Commission. This commission is responsible for the sponsorship of most of the projects in the Owerri capital city in the past and even in the present. Yet, political noise makers in Owerri would not let us know. They would not let us appreciate the Commission which has taken pains in executing the projects which our politicians have for years refused to offer to us.

Yet, some miscreants sneak around at night, writing ‘Rochas Is Working’ on NDDC projects. In my previous articles, I have asked: All these people who sneak around at night, writing ‘Rochas Is Working’ on NDDC projects; how many months did you suck your mothers’ breasts?

This is a clarion call for all Imo Political Holders: Wake Up and Work! Time has come when Ndi Imo should no longer be interested with what they hear, but with what they have seen on ground.