The concept “Abortion” has turned to be an enigmatic issue in the society today which has made the very  conception to be a contended issue among ethicists, thereby posing  a serious disagreement as to the exact moment of conception. Equally, when do the soul and awareness come to be in the human person has turned to be a problem or an elephant in the house, in the minds of both  philosophers, religionists and host of others. Be that as it may, it is pertinent to note that at the very moment when the Semen fertilizes the Ovum during copulation, a great change occurs and this change is the emergence of the human person whether it is being regarded as potential human or not. Any alteration then, with the intension of terminating the fetus in the womb is regarded as abortion. A Fetus is a member of the human species for that reason, it has the right to life and should not be violated. According to Joel Feinberg as counting against fatal personhood says, “A posthumous child…may inherit, but if he dies in the womb, or is stillborn, his inheritance fails to take effect, and no one can claim through him though it would have been different if he lived for an hour after birth.”

Coming to United States of America today, a significant portion of its population believes that at least most abortions are a serious moral wrong, perhaps even a matter of murder, but another significant portion of the population believes that at least many abortions are not wrong at all or not so wrong. Some people standard firm to say that a fetus is nonhuman because it has not attain to consciousness and self-awareness therefore abortion is good and should be permissible. Consciousness and self-awareness are matters of science, philosophic and religious debate which by their own convoluted standards cannot as yet reach a concurrence of any validity. So, any manner of debate can only produce the same level of dis-concordance. It is on something like this conception in the minds of some individuals that I stand to say that abortion is murder because that fetus in the womb deserves and has the right to live because designating the human Fetus as nonhuman allows for the abortions to be legally executed.

Human beings possess values and future because every existence has an essence and every existence has sufficient reason why it is existing and if in any means altered or hindered from existing, is being denied of it’s values and future. Abortion deprives the victim of his or her future and it is this future I see as ‘call to being’. If it is not wrong to deprive a being of his call to being, then it is wrong to destroy a human fetus because if allowed to develop, will also have such a future.

The government in order to enumerate the rights of women have designated the human Fetus as nonhuman thereby ending the debate as far as those enumerated rights are concerned as it affects the life of the Human Fetus and some people say that since Fetuses are yet to come to be an actual human person doesn’t have consciousness and that rights can only be awarded to  those that has been given birth to. But if I say that I think or believe that the human Fetus has a soul and awareness at the moment of conception, you will call me a crazy being and ask me to prove it. Yet you expect me to accept your determination that those attributes are installed after the first trimester or rather at least awareness. This will warrant me to implore the potentiality argument which says;

  1. It is wrong to kill potential human beings.
  2. A human fetus is a potential being.
  3. Therefore, it is wrong to kill a human fetus.

We don’t judge using consciousness . One person claiming that conscious life has rights does not preclude someone else claiming that all life has rights because In many cases, we make inferences about consciousness based on what we can observe. In many others we just make assumptions. For example, we assume a rock is not conscious, and similarly assume a bacterium is not conscious. We don’t, however, know that they are not conscious, and there is likely no way to know .this can be seen in the way we see and assume that fetuses are not conscious because no one has a memory of being conscious in the womb, but by age 40, few people have memories from when they were three years old and conscious plus our level of knowledge on these things changes. Four hundred years ago nobody entertained the notion that apes are linguistic, but in the 20th century chimpanzees were taught language and proved capable of using it. Who is to say that some enterprising bacteriologist won’t prove 200 years from now that bacteria have minds?

consciousness and sentience are complex, and I think our judgments of other things as conscious or sentient is imperfect, which is why I disagree with any militancy  by groups against  fetal rights, animal rights, etc. Most importantly, I think we need to realize that these issues are not black and white, but made up of shades of grey. I do think it is appropriate to use phrases like more conscious and more sentient. In some ways, I think it is reasonable to say a competent, healthy human person or adult is more conscious and more sentient than attributing nothingness to Fetuses.

Standing on this issue at hand, I will conclude by saying that abortion is immoral because it is a contra-natura and it centers it’s intention on the termination and destruction  of human life no matter the reason that prompted the action. Some people may say that it is done to save the mother’s life when her life is in danger. But when miscarriages occurs,  you will see those affected as they are crying and shouting “MY BABY” showing you that the thing you are calling nonhumans are humans, be it from the time of fertilization or even the 7th month of pregnancy. So all hands should be on deck against abortion because abortion is murder and stands against the sanctity and dignity of human life.

By  Ikegwu Augustine Kelechi

EMAIL: augustinekelechi1@yahoo.com

  FROM:  Imo                                                                                           

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