5 Signs of people who are not Ready for a Real Relationship

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Signs of people who are not Ready for a Real Relationship Relationship is like marriage, the only difference is the fact that you have to pass through so many rites in other to make your partner officially and legally yours.

Now most people don’t understand that relationship is a serious commitment but think relationship is all about sex and fun so they go into it with that mindset.

They think when the fun is over they can quit or when they are tired of the relationship, they can quit.

Things about committing to the relationship scares them, and the worst case scenario is when they don’t want people to know about the relationship because of one flimsy excuse or another. Consequently, they might treat you well when you guys are alone, but in public they will act as if you guys are just friends.

When you have those kind of people as your partner, then you my dear should save your heart from them cos they are just like a time-bomb waiting to explode. Signs That Tell You They Are Not In For A Real Relationship.

1. When you have never heard I love you from them. Have you been in a relationship with them and they find it difficult to say I love you, then they don’t want a committed relationship, they just want to have fun without it getting complicated.

Even when they say I love you, my dear look into their eyes and make sure they really love you cos you can be a good liar but can fail to get your eyes to lie. Even when they can control their eyes, their are some moments when their guards will be down, seize those moments and get your answer.

2. When it is all about sex. Some of us are just sex toys to our partner without knowing, are they only nice during sex and not after sex, does their behavior change after the sex; then that relationship is just there because of sex. If your relationship is in that kind of mess, then try denying them sex for some time to know how they will react.

3. When they are too secretive. Do they hide their phones or is their inbox always wiped, then they have things they don’t want you to know. If you are in a relationship and you don’t know your partner’s pin or password, then he/she has something to hide. A real relationship should be transparent and not all about hiding things and then telling yourself is for your partner’s sake, also telling yourself the truth will hurt them.

How about not doing anything that will hurt them if truly you want a real relationship.

4. When they cheat on you. Cheating on your partner is no longer a secret in most relationship, we are in the time when bad things are no longer hidden. Even if your partner have the courtesy of hiding it, it still doesn’t justify cheating.

Some say it’s in guys nature to cheat, not knowing that if truly you love her, then other girls shouldn’t entice you to the extent of cheating on your partner. If you really want a Real relationship, you should know how to be contented with what you have. Finally, do they include you in their future plans, if they don’t, then they are not ready for a ready for a real relationship