I know one of the attributes of a relationship is high tolerance; to accept one’s behavior, but then we are all humans and their are certain things that puts us off and will slowly lead to loosing interest in our partner.

Below are some tips that will help the ladies know how to manage their relationship by avoiding the things our partner hates. For the Ladies, these are what the guys hates in a relationship

1. Pretence. Ladies are the ‘Babas’ for this, that is their specialty, they just hate displaying their real self.

All ladies have two personality, one personality is displayed for guys while the other is displayed for their fellow girls. Because they want to look perfect for their partner, they end up hiding their real self. Guys call this forming, if you are comfortable with your partner then you should be able to be free with him.

Laugh hard when is funny, mess when it’s just the two of you; and not when you want to mess you enter toilet and flush it.

2. Arrogance and disrespect. Ladies, no matter how high or classy you think you are, never display it in an insulting way or act rude because you believe that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people, most especially never show it to your man. Men have pride, do not crush it by showing them you are better. If you are in a relationship with them, then you have to be under them. Also never you disrespect them, give them the respect they deserve no matter what, most importantly, respect their friends. Once in a while invite them and cook for them.

3. A girl that is too demanding. Ladies, this is very important, do not push your man away with your over demanding nature. Honey buy me this and that; can’t you see that, etc. and maybe they eventually buy all these things, you will still tell them they don’t take you out, hmmm, sister are you helping or killing him, do you want to suck him dry. If he buys you earth while you guys are dating, he will have to buy you Heaven when he marries you. Don’t be a liability to your man, rather be his treasured asset.

4. Comparing your man to your friend’s man. Guys detest this the most, and it kills their pride. That Ada’s man showers her with lots of gifts or takes her to the moon doesn’t mean you should compare him to your man. You should be contented with what your man gives you. Even if you want him to buy things for you, never put it in a way that compares his capability with another person’s capability.

5. A girl that flirts. Sister, do you flirt with many guys and even extend it to you man’s friends, then something is wrong with you, especially when you can’t control the flirt and it leads to cheating, then it has entered another matter. Do you often wonder why men’s flirt and cheating can be forgiven but not in the case of women. Men cheat with their body while women cheat with their heart; men cheat to explore or satisfy their urge and then comes back to you, but women cheat because they feel something for you or they feel hurt and they end up not coming back cos someone has taken their heart and if they eventually come back, their heart is no longer in the relationship. So ladies, do not flirt too much, guys hate it

6. Someone that exhibit Ajebota behaviour. Honey you know I can’t cook, I can’t sweep, I can’t wash the dishes or clothes; so? Should he give you an award for it, or do you expect him to cook and give you to eat. Guys hates girls that give them that behaviour. If you are a lady and has Ajebota behaviour and you are still expecting more in that relationship, then you are like a person that does the same thing over and over again and expects something different. Even if you don’t know how to do all these things, learn, he will appreciate it.