The best Christmas Gift to give your love one this Season


The best Christmas Gift to give your love one this Season
Christmas is a season when Christians worldwide celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now for us, it is a day we decide not to go to work or any other activities we engage in but to stay at home with family, friends and partners with enough foods and drinks to celebrate, the next day being 26th day of December is known as boxing day, when we were little we always thought it was when people exchange blows with their fist, but now I have come to realize it is a day meant for exchanging boxes of gifts to your loved ones.

The main focus of this write-up is to know the kind of gift you will give to your partner that they will appreciate. This write-up is not all about listing different kinds of gifts you can think of, but the kind of gift people actually want.
These gifts are not just based on my instincts but the data was gotten from what I call different species of humans including male and female. Some of the guys prefer their partner spending the Christmas with them, this was the reply of one specie to whom I thought will prefer a material gift, and I quote ” the best gift bae can give to me is spending her time with me” I was touched, see this guy didn’t want material gift from the girlfriend but wanted to be with the girlfriend this Christmas season.
Another specie said anything from the girl’s heart, and my thought was, so good guys actually exist until he made me understand that he meant sex and boobs, and I got to know this when he asked where my heart located and what is on it? He continued that what most guys want as gift is sex, but I don’t really believe it.
For the ladies, some of them wanted expensive gifts like cars, fancy clothes, shoes and bags which boils down to whether your partner can afford them, but if they can, then guys I hope you get it for them.
For the people that has been in a relationship for a long time, your girlfriends are expecting marriage proposal ring from you as the best Christmas gift ever, so they won’t have to explain to their villagers why they are still single.
Finally, for people in long distant relationship, the best gift is to surprise your partner with your presence and of course with a material gift and you will receive a smile you have never seen on their face before.
Generally, most people prefer gifts from the heart, they know the size of their partners pocket so they prefer the thought that came with the gift and not just how much you bought them.
As for me, and yes I have to include myself, the best Christmas gift will be spending time with my unrequited love, just me and him, no third party. Just go out and have fun.

Happy Christmas in advance.

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