The more you Test, The less stable your Relationship would be

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The more you Test, The less stable your Relationship would be
Most people believe their partner must pass through series of test before they can believe their partner loves them. They believe that before and during dating that there must be series of test.

Now when I mean test, I mean using a third party to check or examine whether your partner loves or is in love with you.

These series of test brings distrust and loss of interest in the relationship, worst case scenario, it can lead to your partner falling for the third party.
When you use your friend to set your partner up, two things can either occur, they might fall into the trap or they might not; when they fall into the set up, you can either lose your partner or your partner can be two-timing which will make your relationship unstable.

No good can come out from testing your partner, because even if they don’t fall and still find out that you orchestrated it or you were involved in it, what do you think will be their reaction because they will see it as you not trusting them.

They will get hurt from it and might end up ending the relationship and you will end up not achieving anything.

I have seen a scenario where a lady used her friend to seduce her man, do you know what happened to her? The man fell for her friend and ended up breaking up with her, a similar situation happened and the guy found out and got so mad that he said so many hurtful things to the girl.
One thing we fail to understand is that it’s not all about whether your partner will fall, but whether you trust them enough to give them the benefit of the doubt, cos you the tester will get more hurt than the testee.

It is better to be blind and deaf in some relationship depending on the kind of partner you have. If you know your partner flirts, then don’t do yourself harm by testing them unless you want to end the relationship.