It may be Time to End your relationship if these Signs show

It may be Time to End your relationship if these Signs show Ending your relationship is not the end of the world, it doesn’t mean happiness will never come your way or things don’t work out for you.

There is always someone who is better than your partner and can treat/cherish you way better than your partner does. Most of us find it difficult to break up with our partner when they know the relationship is no longer working, they become afraid of being single or bringing someone new into their life, some even find it difficult to let go.

Some of us don’t need a soothsayer to tell them that their relationship has gone down the drain but because they find it difficult to let go, you will still see them in the relationship which will make them look pathetic.

Being in a relationship that you know is not working out, doesn’t make you mature, rather it makes you look pathetic cos you are fighting for a lost cause.

If a relationship is not going the way you want it, and you have tried your best to set it right and it is still bending, then save yourself the stress and end it, it won’t make you the first person to break up neither will it make you the last cos people break up everyday.

Signs to end your relationship

1. If they starts being unavailable for you. From the way we are designed, we make ourselves available to whom we love, if they make theirself less available to you, there is who they are making theirself more available to, so why hang around if you are no longer the person.

2. If they constantly cheat on you. Some of us have a big heart that forgives when our partner cheats on us, but if they make it a habit or they are not remorseful about it, then why stay in the relationship. For those of us who can’t forgive it, then you should end it, there is someone out there who can love only you.

3. Domestic violence. This is the part no lady or guy should tolerate. If your partner uses violent on you, and you are still waiting for people to tell you to end it, then something is wrong somewhere with you.

Don’t even say, even though they beat me, I still love them. If you ever find yourself in that condition and you are still saying you love them, then go to your spiritual father to pray you out cos something is wrong with you. Other things include:

4. If every little thing you do now irritates them.

5. If they stop placing you as a priority.

6. If they start disrespecting you for no good reason.

7. When there is no longer love between the both of you.