Things mature women Don’t do in Relationship

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Things mature women Don’t do in Relationship Relationships are for the matured minds, and not for everybody.
There are some certain things mature women don’t do in relationship, they should make their partners happy in the relationship, not excluding their own happiness.
They know how to compromise to ensure that the relationship is moving to the direction both parties want. Not everybody can handle being in a relationship, that is why there are so many news of break-ups.
Being in a relationship is a responsibility for the parties involved, cos relationship is not all about sex and missing the person or saying I love you.
8 Things mature women Don’t do in Relationship
1. They don’t Financially Depend on their Partner for Everything Women’s needs are insatiable, so they tend to depend on their partner for ‘everything’ they need. Mature women don’t depend on their partner for everything, they provide for themselves.
For instance, a lady will want her man to provide everything she needs and uses, the only thing their man don’t provide is the air they breath. Mature women are financially dependent.
2. They don’t Broadcast their relationship Affairs Mature women knows how to tackle their relationship problems when it arise, they don’t just tell their problems to any listening ear. They also know how to keep what happens in their relationship to themselves. They don’t kiss and tell.
3. They don’t Give up on their Dreams Mature women pursue their dreams while in a relationship, they don’t give up on their dreams because their partner has more than enough to sustain them.
4. They don’t Disrespect their Partner Mature women respect their partner irrespective of what they have, they make sure their partner gets the respect they deserve.
5. They don’t Fail to Support and Encourage their Partner Mature women make sure to support their partner’s decision and encourage them when they fail. They don’t add to their partner’s failure, rather they make their life more fulfilled.
6. They are not Stingy to their Partner Mature women loose the mindset that they should be on the receiving end and not on the giving end. Where is it legally written that only men should buy gift for their partner.
Mature women surprise their partner with gifts, sometimes they buy things their partner needs.
7. They don’t Loose their Happiness While Making their Relationship work It is true that mature women should compromise in order to make the relationship work, but they shouldn’t loose their happiness in order to make it work cos when one party in a relationship is no longer happy, then there is a problem. Relationships should bring happiness to our life and not be a burden to our life.
8. They don’t Hide their Feelings Mature women always tell their partner how they feel about them, and when they are wronged by their partner, they know when and how to tell their partner.
They make sure they find the right mood to sort it out with their partner. They don’t keep things in their heart, rather they tell their partner and it makes their relationship stronger. Finally, Mature women should know when to use “I love you”, these three magic words can make your partner’s burden drop dead, it can also make them feel loved or important. Even when they feel that the whole world is against them, they will be glad to know that one person is still standing with them.