The integrity of president Buhari is being put to test. This is the best time for the president to proof his associates right.

Integrity entails nobility, patriotism and doing the unusual

The sit-tight syndrome of African leaders has no basis in Nobility nor does it translate to patriotism. It only depicts selfishness and hatred for the country.

We are at the darkest phase of our history. The forces of economic recession, insecurity and corruption are gradually ravaging the once giant of African and the land of bounty.

At this point, we need a president with the health, vigour, energy and stamina to proffer immediate solutions to these pressing situations.

We don’t want to refer to the constitution, we believe a patriot would do the needful, we know his integrity is at stake, we believe Mr President would proof a point.

The destinies of over 170million people is gruesomely at stake, it must not be strangulated by our ailing president who has unfortunately being incapacitated from performing his duties as our number one.

A patriot must take a bow at this point. The country must outlive all of us, he has contributed his quotas and we really appreciate his good works. It is time to take a bow, it is time to protect the interest of Nigeria as he had sworn to do.

The president must take his time, health is wealth. He is old and the pressure of office is heavy, he should go take care of his health.

In as much as we wish our dear president the quickest recovery, we call on him to proof a point, we urge him to take the nobel course. He must resign; he should give way for another person to try. It has become obvious he is unable


Comrade Okpe Sylvanus
Chief Political Editor @statereporters online newscable
Political Commentator And Civil Right Activist