Secrets on Having a Long Lasting Relationship

Secrets on Having a Long Lasting Relationship

Relationships takes more than just being in love to last, it requires sacrifice,

patience, understanding, devotion and so many other things in order to last.

People that fall in love can still break up if they fail to understand that

relationship requires more than falling in love. Falling in love is the easy part but

maintaining the love and keeping it fresh seems to be hard for people. Are you in

love with your partner and you want the relationship to last, then you should be

able to do the following.


1. Be Willing to Compromise

If you really want to have a long lasting relationship, then you have to be willing to

compromise or sacrifice some certain things for the benefit of your partner and

the relationship. Knowing you really love your partner and you want to remain with

them, that urge to stay with them for a long time will make you close your eyes to

some certain things. If you know they hate something and always doing it brings

quarrel, then try your possible best to desist from that thing. But you to be certain

they are not making you go against your belief.


2. Discuss Issues Upfront

If their is a problem between you two, learn to discuss it to avoid building up and

causing distance between the both of you. If they do something you don’t like, tell

them, don’t keep it bottled up inside you, cos when the bottle gets filled up, you

will explode in front of them and it will be very hard to handle. So let them know

when they wrong you so it can be settled peacefully.


3. Be an Active Listener

If you are not a good listener that they can depend on when the going gets tough,

they will look for another listener outside your relationship which will be very bad.

So when they talk, listen well, don’t show I don’t care attitude or be absent

minded, listen and help them get through it.


4. Use a Soft Warm Tone While Talking to your Partner

Your partner should have a separate tone in which you communicate with them,

don’t talk to them as if you are talking to a random person and also make sure

you give them the respect they deserve.


5. Work Through your Problem as a Team

If you have a problem, don’t forget to share it with your partner and work through

it as a team, don’t always try to do it by yourself, do it together and when the

problem is solved, you will notice a closeness between you two because they

have shown you that they can be depended on.


6. Date Each Other no Matter how Long you Have Been Together

Some people think it’s only wen you are still getting to win your partner’s heart

that you go out on a date and that mindset will make them never go on a date

after winning their partner’s heart and it only makes the love die. If possible make

Friday night a date night, you mustn’t go out every Friday, you can have the date

at home so far as it is something different from your everyday relationship with

them, that way the love will be rekindled.


7. Be Valuable to Your Partner

Some people are more like parasites in a relationship, they are always at the

receiving end and not contributing anything to the relationship. They have nothing

to offer to their partner. That kind of relationship can never last cos at a point,

the giving party will get tired of giving without receiving. If they gain nothing from

you, then you are valueless to them and valueless things are thrown away once

the user gets tired of it.