Is anything bad in eating fruits? The answer is no. But one thing can be dangerous about eating fruits. It is not healthy to eat fruits when it is not washed.

Many of us always find it difficult to resist the temptation of eating fruits right from the store where we bought it. There are many hazards connected to eating unwashed fruits. Some helpful reasons you must wash your fruits before intake are given below:

1. Washing removes dirt, pesticide residue, viruses and disease causing bacteria.

2. Some fruit grow on the ground, so it’s especially important to wash them.

3. You’re supposed to still wash fruit that you peel though, since you could get bacteria on your hands while peeling then eat with your hands.

4. Farmers frequently use manure on crops as fertilizer, which can contain E. coli, salmonella, etc. Fruit that falls into the manure is still harvested usually.

5. Sometimes the water source (e.g. local well) for orchards, fields, etc is not tested or regulated, since it is not a drinking source.

6. Fruit is frequently grown in close proximity to animals, and their waste can contaminate the fruit.

7. Any insects that land on the fruit while growing can be carrying some bacterial which can be detriment to health.

8. One is Hepatitis A .
I’ve had it from eating (albeit lots of) unwashed grapes like this one when I was 9 years old.
Ever since this event I wash every type of fruit meticulously, and in the case of the above (since it awakens pretty dark memories from the hospital) i always take every grape apart from the cluster, and wash it separately until i see my face in it.

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