Following the continuous killings of Imo State university Students by cultists with over 15 cases of killings and many gunshot cases from last year 2016 till this year, here are some recommendations to the Imo state government and Imo State University leadership. These recommendations can also be considered by other state governments where this problem of cultism is eating deep.

 Recommendations : 

1. Imo State Government should PERMANENTLY position mobile and patrol police around IMSU. Officers should not only patrol after incidents but should be stationed in shifts. Heavily armed police.
2. Detectives and plainclothes should be sent to find the root cause. They should also fish out these cultists and their leaders especially at the students alliances viz:
We can’t afford to keep losing these young stars.
3. A whistleblower Initiative is recommended for the compensation of people who give very reliable information to the security agencies about key cult figures in the University and around the state. Anonymity of whistleblowers must be 100% secured.
4. A special task force against cultism in the Imo state should be set up and adequately funded to research the root motivation of cultism and why people keep joining them and also find lasting solutions to these motivation.
5. The state government can also start an amnesty programme for the cultists. A compensation programme for submission of arms and ammunition by repentant cultists.
6. Imo state university and the Imo government should open up the NDDC Hostel that has since been commissioned since 2015. The male hostel that has remained uncompleted since many years now should be completed.
The Imo state university case is getting out of hand and if it is not tackled in time it will get to the extent that the state government will not be able to contain it.
This was how the problem of Chicago in the U.S.A began. Gradually and then the evil has gone out of hand.
Imo state government, do something now.
No one is really safe. Well maybe for now… But not for too long.



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