6 stunning ways Nigerians celebrated Buhari’s return from UK

buhari celebrated

Nigerians all over the country have shown support and solidarity to the president when he returned to the country from UK. Many Nigerians came out en mass to demonstrate their love for Mr Buhari. Some took to the streets while others embarked on other forms of demonstrations to express their happiness over the President’s return from London.

Below are the different forms Buhari’s London return was celebrated:

  • A 13 minutes song released for Buhari

A Hausa musician who sang for the APC during their campaign in 2015 released a 13 minutes song. The song was dedicated to Buhari for a successful return from London. The Hausa born singer released a song titled “Baba Ya dawo” which means “Baba has returned”.

  • Expensive hug from Aisha Buhari to Mr Buhari

The wife of the president welcomed him with a hug. Maybe, it has been long the president received such a heartwarming hug from his lovely wife. March 10th could mark a new dawn for the president and his wife.

  • Keke riders offer free ride

In Kano, more than 20 keke napep riders offered their customers free ride to thank God for Buhari’s safe return from London.

  • Man distributed kilishi of N200,000

A mallam, according to a Facebook user was spotted buying and distributing kilishi worth of N200,000 among fellow celebrants. He made a declaration of free kilishi for everybody around at the said time.

  • Man celebrating with Shoki dance

An old man was spotted in a market place dancing shoki as his own way of celebrating Mr Buhari’s return.

  • Corp members celebrated with a chicken

Some corp members who didn’t want to be left out of the nationwide celebration celebrated theirs with a chicken. They killed a chicken, prepared a delicious stew and rice and afterwards carried placards to express their joy as the president returned.

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  • Watermelon seller sells for free

Also, according to a tweeter user, a watermelon seller refused to collect money from him. According to the watermelon seller it was his own way of showing his solidarity with the president.

Recall that the president had embarked on a 50 day medical trip to the United Kingdom due to his ill health. The coming of the president provoked high tempo jubilation following many rumoured news of the president’s death.
However, not minding the hardship Nigerians have been subjected to by the Buhari’s government, they still seem to support the president’s war against corruption.