Oh Benue! The once glorious city of bounty. The food basket of the nation, the house of the glory and cream of the Nigerian forces. The country home of great Joseph Tarka, Joseph Akahan and a host of others.

Benue citizens were known for their gallantry and the zeal to stand for their land irrespective of what the odds are. Joseph S Tarka stood his ground and maintained not only Benue but a Middle belt political front in the pre-independent days even when he was persuaded and severely persecuted to join the winning parties, he refused and stuck to his people, he pursued their agenda and our common goal and interest.

Akahan is in history as the chief of army staff who died during the civil war, his death epitomizes gallantry and patriotism, the Lion heard that allied forces were troubling his country home of Gboko, he defied warnings and flew to Benue to defend his people (An Army chief who should coordinate from off the site).That is the gallantry imbued and innate in every true Benue son. He stood his ground and determined to physically defend his people and force their troublesome enemies out of the state. That is a typical Benue man, they are strong, virile, patriotic with an inseparable fraternal bond with one another. Akahan, the great chief of army staff died that night when he attempted to fly to markurdi from Gboko on that unfortunate and lugubrious night. He died defending the Benue course and in defense of his people against hostile intruders.

Where have we got it wrong and why is Benue now the maccaba dance stage of Fulani herdsmen? what has become of the Joseph Tarkas, the Akahans and co? Where is that blood of strength and that bond of unity that we were known with? Where are the soldiers, the youths and the common people? Shall they watch on while the once glorious city of the Tarkas is reduced to a pile of ashes? Shall we keep observing in cowardice while the land of unity and city of hope and peace is turned into a pool of blood with children and elders and the future of the land murdered in a horrific nightmare? Shall we fold our arms and continue the political permutations on the chess board while the city defended by Akahan indefatigably with his life falls to this our common enemies? Children wake up to notice they have been turned into orphans, they are forcibly separated from the love they enjoyed the day before. They wake in awe to see their parents no more. The farmlands are destroyed with the blood of the owners littered all over.

The president and governor are in connivance with this enemies of our state. The Governor is after taking our lands and compensating our killers with same. Where has the government ever taken responsibilities of a certain individual’s business? Some people are more Nigerian than others.

They attack with impunity under the direct coordination of their leader, the Benue police commissioner. The people we submitted our lives to have not just failed in our defense but has ironically turned to take our lives in the most gruesome way.

We have continued to play politics. Tarka and Akahan must shake in disappointment in their graves. They will gnash their teeth at this grave display of cowardice, they will weep and mourn uncontrollably at the way politics has continued to destroy the great edifice of Northcentral.

We have not learnt. We have continued in that path of politics of sentiments and blind party loyalty against the politics of practicality and merity. Have we not learnt from 2015? after the highfalutin promises from Buhari and Ortom, they have abdicated the leadership responsibility to pursue personal vendetta and the wars of attrition in brazen disregard of the sacredness of human life and the sanctity of our properties. They value cows above human life.

We are now being forced to live by faith rather than the practicality of governance.

Since the federal and state have so disappointed us, we must key into this incoming LGA chairmen, they are our only hope. We must get it right this time. Sentiment, fraternal bonds, and irrational considerations must give way. We must strive to elect Joseph Tarkas and Joseph Akahans into the LGAs to help in the community policing of our land and put an end to this onslaught.

We are choiceless at this point, the IG’s spirited effort to justify the odious attempt to villainize one party in the Ife clash and the CP of Benue’s insistence on assisting this enemies of humanity to continue their onslaught and quest to annihilate every living being in Benue is a call for unity, a call for meritocracy and a call to elect community leaders into our LGAs. It has shown that they deliberately allow us to be killed. Why have they not made any arrests in regard to Benue killings but arrested Ife herdsmen killers within hours. This show of strength is one sided and divisive. It takes the hypocritical president weeks to condemn Benue killers but hours to condemn the UK attack.

We must come together in unity. We are our only hope and posterity will judge us should we allow our state be captured, our lands ceded and our lives taken in the most brutal manner while we watched and hoped on our common enemies to rescue us, while we are busy playing politics at the expense of our state and collective existence.

I had a personal experience in 2015, i voted David Mark out of sentiments and campaigned vigorously against Comrade Onjeh. What imputs has Mark made to curb this mendacious and vicious efforts of this monstrous beasts to maim, brutalise, butcher and ostracise us from our land? He only waits for them to strike and then send relief materials.

Enough is enough! no sentiments. Vote in Tarkas and Akahans irrespective of party and backgrounds.

God Bless Benue State
God Bless Northcentral
God Bless Nigeria

Comrade Okpe Sylvanus
Political Commentator And Civil Right Activist