When You Beg For Love


When You Beg For Love
There is one absurdity i have seen in romantic affairs…it’s the act of unbalance feelings of love and affection from both parties which usually leaves one party feeling unloved and in many cases will lead to sadness, depression, anger, nagging when they feel they are not getting the love and attention they deserve….If you find yourself expressing the aforementioned then you are clearly begging for love.
If you ever observe this just pause and ask yourself why you are begging for the love and affection…if there is something you are doing wrong then adjust but if it is just your partner who is not just connecting with you please move on.
Stop crying and begging for love from someone who is not willing to give it. Stop begging fot attention,compliments, praise,admiration,hugs,kisses because at the end it will lead to serious depression and you will start thinking you are not good enough and this destructive mindset will prevent you from attaining your goals and dreams in life.
If you are dating someone who makes you beg for love and affection please close your eyes and leave that union…*MOVE ON* cos you are too special to beg for love from anyone because in the real sense. …such person is not worth it but if you go ahead to marry such with the hope that he or she will change then you are on a wild goose chase cos it will most likely get worse.
And if you are married yet see yourself begging for love and affection please get a grip of yourself and channel your energy on yourself and your kids if any. ..
the constant nagging makes you look desperate. Deal with it by learning how to love yourself, and take care of yourself (mentally, physically, and spiritually).
Stop waiting for that other person to grab your hand, and motivate yourself by moving forth in your life and acknowledging that you are a dynamic, unique, beautiful, talented person with or without the love or attention from another individual.
The problem is that rather than move on,many people would rather remain in that affair hoping things will change thereby sinking deeper and deeper into a sorry state.
Remember that there is always someone out there who is ready to give you all the love and affection you can ever dream of so stop wasting your time and life with someone who does not deserve you.
The strange twist is that in most cases,if you care less and focus on yourself,the other party will realize how valuable you are and will most likely give you more than the attention you deserve.
Always remember that the wrong person will make you beg for affection, attention and commitment but the right person will give you very effortlessly because he or she truly wants you.