If God Doesn’t Approve Biafra, No Agitation Can Make It Happen’-Rev. Paul

*Pastors Should Stop Making Themselves Small God-Paul

 Rev (Dr.) Tim Paul, the Pastor-in-Charge of Assemblies of God, Jakande Isolo (City Of Gold), alongside his wife, Pastor Prisca spoke with Chinyere Abiaziem on sundry issues surrounding the church and the nation.

How do you see the recent report of the abducted Chibok girls who refused to be part of the group of 82 girls freed lately?

Life is give and take; every responsible person would know that the girls who have been held up over three years by the Boko Haram sect must have been indoctrinated by them, by now their lifestyle and mentality has been reoriented to the environment where they are residing and you can see that majority of them have already gotten married and gotten their own children. Their lives have been integrated to the Boko Haram lifestyle.  Asking them to come out would not be easy because psychologically their lives have been aligned with what they have been seeing there.  Also due to the reason that they have been living in fear and threat by their abductors, which is why they are bound to be where they are. On them being forced out, I think it depends on how fortified our Nigerian army is. If the government of Nigeria can do their best to force them out and get them an alternative lifestyle to fall back on to and suit what they are originally meant to be, I think this will be good.


Isn’t it worrisome that Nigerians topped the list of foreigners arrested for drug trafficking in India?

A class mate of mine was around three years and shared with me how he smuggled drugs in using student visa. As a pastor I counseled him against such and told him prophetically not to go back nor return to drug smuggling. But he did not listen and the moment he stepped back into Germany he was caught. As I am talking with you he is in life imprisonment. Some of the young ladies and men are going into this business. I would rather have our young ones discover who they are, learn a trade or acquire a skill. They do not have to give the excuse that there is no one to train them. When they acquire skills and be masters on their fields and they would get paid for the services they render. The only problem we have is that the present youths lack service and impatience; everybody wants to cut corners and make it in life. There is no short cut to life. Our people say if you spit up it would land on your face. I have also discovered that some youths do not want to do anything positive or meaningful to help themselves. There is a little research I made recently I discovered that in my days our parents were illiterate but we helped them in menial  jobs from which we raised our fees but these days you find youths loitering about. People that have made it started somewhere and they were patient in getting to where they are today. Rome as often said was not built in a day. The Bible also says the vision is for an appointed time. The vision is also for an appointed time. If you jump the queue and rush into your destiny you would also rush back and start all over again, because the things you were supposed to do you did not do. There is no hurry in life; they say slow and steady makes the journey.


Is there any word from God for the moment?

Things are going out of hands. From the recent happenings one can attest that the present government cannot help the poor masses. I called one of my friends recently and he told me that the wife who is a government worker have not been paid for over five months that the government asked them to declare what they are being owed and that they would be paid 25percent of the money. As I am talking to you I have people lined up asking for N5, 000. With this in view God is saying he is the only one who can help. If you read Isaiah 41 from verse 10, the Bible says let not your heart be troubled I would uphold you with my mighty hands of righteousness. It is only when we put our trust only in God that help can come. I have seen people who have their trust in God and are not bothered, the problem we have is that people have so much trust in the economy of this nation. Other group builds their confidence in their fellow human beings-bosses, uncles, relatives, who are now being affected by the economy. As I am talking so many offices have reduced their workers. We need to maintain our confidence in the Lord and trust him to the end and he would surely render help. I have seen God give divine direction. That is the way out, for he said call upon me and I would show you great and mighty things that you know not. The roads are rough but God assures that he would make them straight if we trust in him. If you must succeed you must make sure that you are being led or directed by the spirit of God. When God shows you a business to do, it would not fail no matter what. There is this woman that God directed into bean cake business and the location for it, every evening it would be as if they blew trumpet for the whole community to gather at her table. From that business she trained her children from nursery to tertiary level, she bought and built houses in the city where she resides and also built a five bedroom apartment in her village. So what I am saying is that God is still in the business of revealing secrets of success and as many Nigerians who trust in him he would put them right. With the hardship in the nation, God is still in the business of helping his own with revelational  knowledge of the way out.


You did say you married as a virgin even as a man, what actually prompted your decision to maintain your chastity?

I had a divine visit at the age of 10 where God told me that it was wrong for two persons not married to each other to engage in sexual intimacy.  With that in view I told God that; ‘Any day I will do it kill me and may I not see that day.’ I had every opportunity to fornicate but I never did so because of my vow. While studying in the University of Jos, a lady said she was sent from the pit of hell to disvirgin me, it was a big issue and she did things to lure me but God helped me. There was a day she got me hypnotised by rubbing her body on me and I followed her to her room where she stripped herself. It was at that moment I came to my senses and started praying for God to deliver me which he did. The condition of my mind with the good Christian background I grew up under also helped me.


How have you been able to manage women in your ministry?

Women are there and they come around. There was a day one came for deliverance and as soon as I raised my hand she fell and raised her legs.  The way out is that you have to condition your heart not to sin against God. I follow biblical principles of being content with my wife.  Two I read my Bible and mediate on it which makes me not to think worldly. Galatians 5 verse 16 contains the key principle which is to walk in the spirit and not to fulfill the lust of the flesh. To walk in the spirit means one must not forsake the gathering of the brethren. I cannot have harlots as my friends and escape temptation, it is not possible.  You must associate with people that have pure heart. One must cut it off from unnecessary visits. I make Jesus the centre of my life and keep myself busy with the things of the Lord, not to think worldly but to think and walk in the spirit. I tell you if one is not truly born again, there is no way such person can escape falling into temptation.


What is your take on the Biafran agitators?

As I am talking to you anybody can agitate and protest, you may be right or wrong. But I want to say that until God approves it nothing can happen because God makes us to understand that he is the one that sets up a nation. If God that set up Nigeria as a nation and has not approved it to be scattered, no agitation of Biafra would bring it to pass. Generations would come and go and Nigeria would still be one until the time God approves otherwise. Which is when we would wake up one day and  see that those they call the world powers coming together to say it is high time Biafra be a nation and then other parts of Nigeria would say it is due.


Do you see that coming?

Well by the special grace of God like I have said it is in the hands of God. Let them continue to agitate until the day God approves it. If God does not approve it people would continue to die in the process and what have you.


Does a pastor’s wife have to become a pastor?

To an extent yes especially those that are General Overseers who have their own ministries. If tomorrow you are not there what happens to the ministry? She may have other things that she is doing but it is important that she has knowledge of the ministry. When God called me he made me to understand that my wife is also part of me in the ministry. Heaven is my witness; it took me one year to indoctrinate my wife with pastoral knowledge. Everything I learnt in the Bible school I replicated in her.


What does it takes to be a kingdom woman?

It takes humility. Jesus Christ has the power to do all things and heal all manner of diseases yet he humbled himself. No matter the ministerial exploits, humility must not be taken away. If you are humble you can reach the poor and the rich alike.  Otherwise there would be division and God would not be happy. But humility would make you to serve the rich, poor, old and young.

We see status segregation happening in churches and a lot of show off?

Yes it is. If you look very well people go to such churches for business connections not really to worship Jesus. If you look inward also you would discover that Christ is not there. What I am advising is that Christians should be alert to tracing a church wherever the presence of Christ is and the one where the presence of God is not and not a church where the leader makes him or herself a small god. Not knowing that they are but colts that Jesus is riding on



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