Let me make it vividly clear that this article does not by any stretch of the imagination affect my sentiment as to the frightening credentials of former president Jonathan as an accomplished reformer per excellence, a pragmatic Democrat and therefore best amongst the candidates that contested the 2015 presidential elections

The cruise of this discuss however tilts towards the post election matters, the flare of blames on 3rd parties by president Jonathan on his political waterloo and lastly provoked by the recent best seller book of Reno Omokri where the author furnished factually indisputable assertions with illogical and ridiculous conclusions on virtually every major event that bedevilled the Jonathan government.

I spent time to go through the book only to be persuaded to hit the unfavorable conclusion that Jonathan is in fact not what most of us sees him as.

Cannot pass as an average politician, is very weak and irresponsible, is a mistake of history, power monger and unfit to rule a local government in a fragile nation such as ours.

The bitterness that exhumes from his unending name calling and blame game raises questions as to whether he, in all intent and purposes, voluntarily conceded defeat to PMB in 2015.

The book raised questions as to the credibility of the kidnapped chibok girls and took a twist to, at the same time blame the Borno state government of negligence and northern political gladiators in the “opposition”, of politically manoeuvering the situation to lampoon Jonathan and force his government to the brisks.

This further confirms president Obasanjo’s assertion in his book, “My Watch” that the major concern of Jonathan as a president was always his political ambition. Every issue must therefore be discussed in view of its benefits to his campaign and that to me led him to breaking down the PDP, to protect his own political interest without first protecting the future of the party.

He destroyed everything to win the 2015 election. Nothing must stand in his way.

Assuming but not conceding that the chibok girls were kidnapped due to any conspiracies which Jonathan and Reno spoke of with so much assurance and with a deducible conclusion of their knowledge of the identities of the principal conspirators, why didn’t he unearth the evil conspiracy and get the perpetrators to face the full wrath of the law?

Does this not point to his fatal flaw as a leader? Weak, irresponsible, clueless and inept?

The attempt to substitute leadership responsibilities with blame game by the book is unbecoming and grievously hamstrung to the waxing international profile of Jonathan.

I ordinarily would have ignored the futile attempt by Reno to present Jonathan, a sitting president as a victim of an unimaginable northern conspiracy to attract public sympathy and further ignite the already injurious tension which has precipitated magnanimous hatred and suspicion of a section of the country by another which is growingly becoming unhealthy to the unity and progress of the Nigerian state.

Jonathan was incompetent, he has the state powers and yet cries fowl of conspiracy and with an elaborate attempt at any slight opportunity to pin his ineptitude as a leader on the opposition.

His unashamed effort in marketing that particular book triggered this response.

A responsible leader is the one who takes the blame and praise of his regime.

Comrade Okpe Sylvanus
Political Commentator And Civil Right Activist