Emergency youth meeting in Abuja on the Nigeria situation



The meeting which held at Summerset continental hotels, Maitama from 11pm 17/08/2017 came to an end at about 2am this morning when the group’s national publicity secretary, Comrade Okpe Sylvanus moved a motion for an adjournment which was seconded by the Vice President North, Comr Katuka. The meeting had in attendance the entire NEC of the organization and Dr Onugwu Hibiscus, a media mogul and the founder of statereporters newspaper also the convener of Arise all African Youths as an impartial observer.

The group keenly reviewed the dire situation of the country and came to the following conclusion(s):

1. That the call for succession by different groups making up the federation is unnecessary and warned that the youths must desist from towing this path of self destruction as Nigeria is stronger together and that political jobbers playing with the very foundation of our existence and nationhood by fanning the embers of division for flimsy political expediency do not mean well for the youths but only moved by cheap avarice and selfish interests.

2. That the politicians of this era have failed woefully in discharging their statutory functions for the betterment of Nigeria and the benefit Nigerians hence the inevitable call by distinct nationalities that make up the Nigerian nation for self government thinking that an alternative government by themselves will alleviate the woes of this era.

3. That the nation is currently sitting on a time bomb which might go out of control for the “coordinator of the national affairs” Prof Yemi Osinbajo and prayed that President Mohammed Buhari recuperates quickly so as to squarely match the numerous problems bedeviling the nation which he promised to fix during the electioneering. The group regretted that Osinbajo might be constrained by virtue of the Nigerian style of politics from adequately matching the issues on ground concisely and recalled that before this time, Osinbajo performed very well and wondered if the national coordinator position of this time has had an adverse effect on his performance.

4. The group reiterated their disposition to using the over 2million supporters of the organization’s ideology to catapult any politician with sincere intentions to end corruption and bring succour to the social menace the nation has been embroiled in since independence to power.

5. The group also promised to embark on a nationwide sensitization campaign to enlighten the youths on the need to actively participate in the governance of our nation if their future must be guaranteed.

6. The group also lampooned the political class for the organized looting spree with which they scavenged and emptied our Treasury. They recalled that in the 1970s Nigerian airways was a topmost revenue generating sector in Nigeria which attracted numerous countries to Nigeria wanting to learn the expertise with which the country’s airways was turned into a major revenue generating centre. Where is the Nigerian airways now? Corruption finished it as it has finished other sectors of our economy and milked us to recession.

6. The group also regretted that under the incorrupt government of Buhari, the bureau for statistics recorded 400billion bribe to government officials from May 2015 to June 2016 and called on the federal government to put up a girdle of war so as to totally annihilate corruption from our shores

7. The group also thanked the Saraki led 8th assembly for the enabling framework they have provided to ending the drought of youth participation in the governance of our dear nation and called on the chairperson of constitutional amendment committee of the Senate, distinguished Senator Ikekwere Madu to ensure the timely passage of the not too young to run bill which will ensure that posterity remembers the 8th assembly as a pioneer leader of new Nigeria.

8. That should we fail to get it right by 2019 and with the present situation of the nation, the devastating situation must have entered menopause and thus be irredeemable.

9. The group prayed for the sierraleoneans who are currently passing through the evils of natural hazards and beckoned on the Nigerian government to be pragmatic with their Foreign policy which has Africa at the centre of it.

10. The group prayed for the unity, peace and progress of this nation.

Signed: Comr Samson Otokpa
National president

Comr Okpe Sylvanus
National publicity secretary

Statereporters newspaper



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