Juliet Ibekaku-Nwagwu


By Julius Davids

It is no longer news that Ndi Enugu West are poorly represented at the National Assembly especially the Senate. There is a serious need to fill that gap and bring the zone at par with development happenings in other zones.

It is also no longer news that, no meaningful infrastructural development can be equated to the quantum of funds that was purportedly expended as constituency funds on the zone, say for the last 16 years of representation.

The major contender, Barrister Mrs. Juliet Ibekaku-Nwagwu, the current Special Assistant to the President on Justice Reform is indeed the right person for the job of rescuing Ndi Enugu West from the current poor representation.

She is driven by what I call CHRONIC RESTLESSNESS. The inability to keep quiet no matter what when things are not going the right way. The drive to harness potentials that are abound in Enugu West.

It is as a result of this restlessness that Mrs. Ibekaku has decided to challenge a sitting Senator, and to change the narrative. She believes that every child should have a genuine education – that it shouldn’t be a bunch of talk. And that those same children should be able to go to university even if their parents weren’t rich.

Ndi Enugu West is not asking for too much. They are hard hardworking people from the word go. All they need is the enabling environment and a level playing field. For instance, access roads, clean water, and power for us to maximize our potentials.

The need to be safe from criminals masquerading as herdsmen – all these can be achieved only through adequate and proper legislation in place by putting the right person on the job.

We know that government cannot solve all our problems, but with a change in priorities and legislation in place we could make sure everyone has a shot at life at life and meet the challenges we face as a nation.

I recognize the risk of talking this way. I know that very few people will not be happy with the crusade. I also know how noblest sentiments have been subverted in the name of power, expediency, greed or intolerance. BUT WE MUST LIVE BEYOND NOW.

My argument and message to those few is that they have no choice. You don’t need a poll to know that the vast majority of Ndi Enugu West are tired of continuous menu of false or cramped choices.

From Awgu to Ezeagu, Udi to Aninri back to Oji-River, it is so glaring we sense – collectively – that the challenges confronting the zone are being ignored. And that if nothing is done to change course come 2019, we may be the first senatorial zone in a very long time to leave theirs weaker and undeveloped than we met it.

Therefore, somebody as a matter of urgency is needed to bring PROMISE and PRACTICE into close alignment.

Somebody that sees politics not as a personal business but as a mission.

Somebody that understands the people of Enugu West and their challenges.

Someone that can be able to create the enabling environment to maximally harness the rich human and natural resources that are abound in Enugu West.

Someone that knows that Enugu West DESERVES THE BEST.

Someone like Barrister Mrs. Juliet Ibekaku-Nwagwu – ADA Eji eje Mba…

The only person that is on a mission to bring Enugu West on the path of glory.


Julius Davids
ORM/ Strategist
Coordinator, Team Ibekaku
Writes from Ngwo