An irresponsible government is worst than armed robbers!

irresponsible government

An irresponsible government is worst than armed robbers!
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……. Revolution of the conscience or battle of the destiny
It can be regarded as the greatest of the Mass Movement by Younger Generation
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…….Battle of the of Waterloo, fought on 18th June 1815, near Waterloo in modern Belgium, the Battle of Waterloo was the last and decisive engagement of Napoleon’s campaign to establish a European Empire under his military rule. In June 1815, Napoleon invaded Belgium, hoping to capture Brussels, but his troops were confronted by the English army, led by the Duke of Wellington, and the Prussian army, led by General Blucher. Although the allied forces greatly outnumbered Napoleon’s soldiers, the actual battle was very tight with thousands of casualties on both sides. Eventually, Napoleon was defeated and exiled to the island of St. Helena and peace was established throughout Europe.
What is certain is that he time of these dubious emperors called African leaders is due and believe me history will be repeated in Nigeria and the wind will be sweeping across the continent.
In Africa, we have in abundance the most stupid and foolish leaders you can’t imagine ruling even animal kingdom, but here are hundreds of millions of people subjugated by these senseless and criminal minded people called leaders whose greatest interest and joy is to oppress and amass wealth illegally.
The greatest sin of these innocent kids is simply because they are from Africa. Tell me how a human government will be in power and sees their own children on daily bases risking their lives without doing anything. My heart is heavy watching this pictures.
This battle may not only reflect on the out come of 2019 election in Nigeria, it will be sweeping across the African countries, still it won’t be such violent movement because already we should be tired and exhausted killing and destroying the little infrastructures left for us because at the end, the poor will be the one to suffer it as we can see across African countries.
While Riek Machar is in exile in South Africa enjoying himself, the poor disgruntled youth back in south Sudan keep killing themselves while the President Salva Kiir is having the best of comfort in Juba.
The imperialist and dubious western powers may not longer stand in the way of this movement. Here is the power that has stood against everything development in Africa. Their policy about Africa is unjust and callous, these powers may no longer hold the sway when the great wind will begin to blow.
It may no longer come in the style of the usual manner expected, it will be coming in the style of tsunami or hurricane. The same weather system is called a cyclone in the Indian Ocean and a typhoon in the western Pacific Ocean..
Like Hurricane Patricia which is the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere, hitting the Pacific coast of Mexico with winds of 202mph.. Sweeping away every object that stand on its way
Revolution is under way and no one can stop it and not even the power that be. We must join hands as youth to build the a society we all will be proud of. We must stop complaining and grumbling on social media and take practical steps toward repositioning our society to a greater height.


Martins Chiedozie Ugwu