A popular Enugu Blogger Engr.Nnamani Uchenna writes to Enugu Youths ahead of the 2019 General Election

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A popular Enugu Blogger Engr.Nnamani Uchenna Aka Urchman writes to Enugu Youths ahead of the 2019 General Election,

Dear Enugu youths, it’s Good To Support your preferred Aspirant as You have your right to support your choice,and also switch support at any given time.

It’s will go well when you do it’s with wisdom and understanding so you don’t dent your generation or future.

As a youth, you don’t have to talk bad at your Candidates Opponent rather you have to promote your candidates projects and give reasons he should be voted.

Don’t allow the peanuts you receive from them today to block your own road because a wise politician won’t waste time castigating his opponent rather he will keep promoting his good works and deed and work for his elections.

They are politicians and are never enemies, they can decamp to join each other tomorrow and become friends while they spend thier looted funds laughing and enjoying themselves abroad and you make enermity for your self all along.

Even while in different parties,they still meet and hookup and laugh at us.

A wise man once said “It’s Only a fool that inherits the enemity of another”

Be wise my dear youths of Enugu. Don’t create enemity where there is none.

Politics of propaganda is bad politics and don’t yield good result.

Let’s take some examples.

You support Sullivan and hate on APC now Sullivan is in APC smiling…

Senator Chimaroke left PDP and you hate PDP cos PDP denied his ticket now he is back and happy with PDP while you now have issues with PDP

Ike ekweremmadu’s opponent are busy staring reasons why he shouldn’t go back to senate thereby promoting Our DSP instead of promoting there own works and reasons they wants to unseat him.

Enugu youth we need to apply wisdom and learn that Politics is a Game of Interest.

Tomorrow Chimaroke and Sullivan will become best of friends again while you are either enermy to Chimaroke or Sullivan.

You don’t need to condem others to prove a point.

All the energy you spend making enmities with oppositions you can as well channel it to nurture your own ambition.

Politics is all about win and loose, there is no permanent friend/enermy.

Enugu youth wake up and and be wise.

……Engr. Nnamani Uchenna