APC crisis: “I will run Ayogu out…he invited war, I will show him how it is done”-Ogara

Ayogu Eze
The battle over who is the authentic governorship flag bearer of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in Enugu state has been narrowed between Senator Ayogu Eze and Barr. George Tagbo Ogara.
Ogara a young man who joined the race with so mush vigor is not relenting and has vowed to fight till the end .
To show his resolve Ogara has picked running mate in the person of Mrs. Ginika Tor-Williams, from Awgu.
Speaking about his choice of deputy governor he described her as an exceptional woman. “Well read, a member of the fourth estate of the realm, a peace ambassador who has travelled far and wide and publisher of Accolade Magazine. She has a lot of respect, a mobilizer, crusader’ and mother of four; she is a virtuous women and the leaders of the party believe she is the best for the position. She will bring the needed impetus to the position when we get there.”
For him, “Ayogu has just invited war, I am not going to blink. I am young he is old I will run him out. I will show him how it is done. I am used to this kind of battles; I have faced something like this before.
“Ayogu Eze cannot claim to be the candidate; he is an aspirant and can’t turn himself into the National Working Committee. Everybody knows the truth of what happened. That the Minister of Foreign Affairs announced to the whole world that the APC in Enugu State will do the direct primaries. This was contained in a letter which the chairman, Okey Ogbodo sent to the party in response to the letter he received.
The party officials made all the preparations appointed all the returning officers, ward officers that will conduct the primaries, appointed collation officers at the local government level, appointed people at the state level.
“With all the arrangement put in place, just two to three days before the date for the primary, September 29, 2018, our party announced the modes of primary for all the states and surprisingly we saw that the mode of primary for Enugu, for that 29th would be indirect. We quickly communicated to members in Enugu that they say it’s going to be indirect but the problem is that the party didn’t follow the provisions of Paragraph 20 (4 a,b,c,d) of the constitution, 2014 as amended. Which says that if you must have to do indirect you have to do special congresses where you pick out delegates. No such thing as done; there are four procedures stipulated none was done so how are you going to do it?
“Well as faithful party members we all from the 260 wards arrived…before that day it was moved from 29th to 30th which was a Sunday. So everybody arrived and it was rowdy. They tried to keep people out but the upsurge, the number of people who wanted to participate was much even when they had given tags to handpicked persons. After sometime they called us out for a meeting where Prof Momoh informed us at Aaron Suites that he came here for indirect primary that he has no materials for direct primary. He said he had a list which he had not opened and didn’t know who is there but he is sure it is Enugu list. I told him it’s clear a Professor had come to do injustice in Enugu, but we will see how far it can go. We returned to the venue where they used tear gas to chase everyone out and then imported the people they wanted from their hotel rooms. I laid complaints of what Prof. Momoh and Ayogu Eze were doing. My complaint was grudgingly heard, I would say. I requested that Momoh be removed but what they did was that they cancelled the primary of September 30th and turned the mode of primary from indirect to direct. And there was jubilation everywhere in Enugu state.
The party leadership made arrangements and had appointed persons as directed by the party guideline. We were ready but they were no, they were taken by surprise.. So what they did was that held unto Prof. Momoh, and then they held unto the result of the purported result of the election because they said they were almost concluded before it was cancelled. At last the direct primary held and ward officers collated the results and sent to the local governments and then to state. The person appointed Mr. Nwatu , to work with Prof. Momoh was there at the party office and collated the results.
Ayogu knows how to ‘forge’ primary election results
You know Ayogu Eze has a knack for forging primary result. In PDP he did it with Ugwuanyi. He saw that everybody was at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium holding PDP primary he moved to Filbon Hotels, alone, to hold his own primary. Now they said go to the ward, that’s the meaning of direct, he doesn’t know it. They said go to your wards, he went to Nike Lake hotels, captured Prof. Momoh but it became difficult for them to generate 260 ward results, collate them. Did you appoint any person; did you make any arrangement? It’s not something you do in a day, it’s a process.
So he did that his normal behavior which has been judicially noticed. It was noticed at the Federal High Court, it was noticed at the Court of Appeal it was noticed at the Supreme Court, that the Filbon Hotels result is not genuine. So they have taken judicial notice of Ayogu Eze. If something happens twice the court takes judicial notice of it.
We will show him how these things work.  So the result was announced there and we sent it to the DSS because we gave them notification that we were going to do direct primaries in 260 wards. So where is Ayogu coming in from? Is it that kind of result from a hotel that he will use to become APC candidate? Well if he succeeds in doing that, I know what to do. We didn’t grow up being fearful; we will slug it out. I expect the NWC to do the right thing …this man is not even qualified to contest the election. Have you seen the guideline for APC primary elections for 2019? It says, “that a person who is aspiring for any position in APC for the 2019 election must produce evidence of membership of the party for at last one year. Violation of any of these guidelines shall attract automatic disqualification.” What this mans is that Ayogu is not qualified to even stand for the election in the first place.
On the possibility of a waiver, he said; ” the constitution of our party says you can obtain waiver if you are not a member of the party so you can contest election. But this guideline said that immediately you don’t have one year evidence of membership you are disqualified; its automatic; it activates itself.
Now, assuming but not conceding it fails to activate, there is provision for waiver as well as procedures for obtaining that waiver. “It says you have to start from your ward.  The application has to go to the ward, then to the local government, the state, zone and then to the National working Committee that now grants the waiver. After granting the waiver, the waiver granted will be sent to the National Executive Committee of our great party for approval. We have a similar provision in PDP constitution which was decided by the Supreme Court about three years ago. It says if you fail to follow this procedure you don’t have a waiver. And the last time NEC sat was March 7, 2018. Before that sitting it never sat for about four years. The people that make up the NEC are too many including the President and the Vice so before you call for NEC it’s a serious thing.”
Ayogu Eze