Is Fr mbaka now God ? By Cheta Igbokwe


The first video I saw this morning around 4am was the battle between Peter Obi and Fr. Mbaka, on the altar during a church harvest, and my opinion about Peter Obi has never remained the same.
You can’t push Peter Obi around. You can’t put words into his mouth. The fact that he stood his ground has earned him so much respect. His ability to merge it all with politeness, crowning the whole fire with smiles, makes him genius.
You can only get the true image of someone when he is under pressure. Oh God, the pressure was so much. Anyone who has seen that video will know what I am talking about. There is no greater pressure than threatening a man with failure.
I forced myself to finish that video. I couldn’t but close my eyes, watching Mbaka speak. Fr. Mbaka now talks like he is a God. Is Mbaka blind to all the things happening in Nigeria? Why did he dismiss Obi’s assertion that there is hunger in the country by merely saying that there has always been hunger? Is Mbaka reaping from our tears?
Sometimes I don’t blame the Archbishop of Owerri when he looks into matters of priests who host adorations and checkmate their excesses. Even though most times those with geniune intensions are affected. The Catholic church in Nigeria is learning from the Enugu mistake, which has now gone beyond control.
Now I understand what Archbishop Obinna of Owerri meant when he said, “Some people are no longer doing adorations, they are doing adoro-ego.”
Right now, I think everything good I have heard about Peter Obi is true.

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