At first I wanted to title this a re-rejoinder to a rejoinder published earlier yesterday accusing the Kogi east elders of taking a unilateral position in the endorsement of the ADC senatorial aspirant DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI, but it is not our culture in the DVAA campaign organization to attack personality rather we point out the exceptions of our mandate.

Which is what I will do here and which to me gave the DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI the several thousand edge over the other aspirants and equally made him the most worthy of this ground breaking endorsement.

The campaign media team led by Abubakar Yusuf who is based in Abuja and has been writing in from Abuja does not really have a good knowledge of what is really happening in Kogi east, and on most occasions their position has always been built on assumptions.

Unlike them the elders have been in the constituency even before the creation of the state and some have been here even before they gave birth to the fathers of this aspirants and members of their campaign team, so I need not to say they endorsement was born out of experience, strong consciousness, careful convictions, critical questioning, observations and verdict.

The endorsement was also born from the larger need to entrust their children’s future into the hands of some one who is reliable, some one who in his little has stood by them, some one who is always available and taking advice from one hut to another.

Elders are people who have seen all, just by seeing the face of an individual they can tell the one that is lying and the one that is not, so I will also add here that the elder’s endorsement is a confirmation that amongst all other aspirants conversing for the kogi east senatorial seat DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI is the one with the most sincere aspirations.

And I think that is a big credit for DVAA and the media team.

The same spoke person for the media team was quick to list certain projects attracted by their pay masters, but I will like to call his attention to the fact that the elders that did the endorsement came from all the districts in the constituency and when evaluating their principals profile none of them at any point ever testify of a single project influenced to their area through this senator.

And we are tempted to ask where has he been doing all this projects that the media team are always listing.

I guess it should be in Kaduna, May be that was why the elders there were quick to endorse him.

The elders through this endorsement has made the position of the people of the constituency clear to the world, they have proven that they can not be fooled all the time.

They have also gone a long way to make it obvious that the heavily deteriorated conditions of the constituency calls for a more responsive representation and not a promise and failed leadership which has plunged the constituency into the present situation.

Their idea is to tell the entire constituency that they are also aware of what is presently at stake and will not in any jeopardise the long coming effort by well meaning natives of the constituency to ensure that the right hand is given the Barton to lead the people.

Again they have reinstated the strong fact that they can not be bought or lured in any way into selling the future of their children like their counterparts in diaspora.

Because if they were for sale, the incumbent senator would have paid more than any of the other aspirants, so I wonder why his media team was quick to accuse the elders of being paid to endorse some one else.

The Kogi east elders have also shown their high level of integrity and how resolute they have made up their mind not to compromise a better future for crumbs.

Through this they have triggered in the minds of all the electorates across the constituency that the 2019 elections is about the aspirant and not about the party, its about the sincerity of ambitions and not the magnitude of long notes and rejoinders.

It is about who is really out to uplift the people and place them on the right track and not some one who is out to continue his exploitation of the people or some one who is out to be used as bate to lure the constituency into supporting an already failed government.

The elders endorsement is a prove of the fact that the Kogi east electorates have rising from their slumbers and are willing to join hands and rescue the constituency from the hands of underdevelopment.

To those who DR VICTOR ALEWO ADOJI’s emergence has been a worst nightmare, this endorsement is an additional heart attack and a clear tension in their camps.

But to us in the DVAA camp it is a strong validation of what we stand for, it is a confirmation that we stand on the same side with our fathers, also it has proven to us that the good and well meaning people of Kogi east have heavily resolved not to be spectators in the decision making of the constituency any longer, but will come out and ensure that the people’s mandate is up held.

Through this we have proven to those team medias in diaspora that long notes, rejoinders (as Abubakar Yusuf has found joy in writing) articles and propagandas shared on facebook and what’s app group does not meet the realities on ground and as such can not influence a single vote.

We have proven to them that we might not be flagging and marketing a big party, but we have an aspirant who is a young and a modern version of late Dr Steven Makoji Achema and as such they people have found hope in him.

Let me conclude by going back to the adage that says what an elder see sitting down, even if a child climbs the highest iroko tree he can never see it.

Indeed the Kogi east elders have proven this again.

written by
Omachi Isaac Achor
(writing in from Anyigba not Abuja).