On the claims that Atiku is from Cameroon, Mazi Nnamdi KANU was only raising a point to justify his quest for Biafra plebiscites.

For better understanding to the utopians and political ranters!
British Cameroon was a British mandate territory in British west Africa, 1922 – 1961.Today, the territory forms parts of Northern Nigeria in the West Africa and Cameroon in the Central Africa.

Note this: Germany had four territories in Africa; Tanganyika, Togo, Cameroun and Namibia. After World War I, 1914 – 1918, as part of the Versailles Treaty that ended that War, a defeated Germany has to lose all her over sea territories. In Africa, Tanganyika and Southern Cameroun were ceded to Britain. Togo and Northern Cameroun were ceded to the French. While Namibia, then known as South Western Africa was ceded to the Republic of South Africa.

French Cameron became independent as Cameron or Cameroon, in January 1960, and Nigeria was scheduled for independence later that same year.which raised question of what to do with the British territory. After some discussion, which had been going on since 1959, a plebiscite was agreed to and held on 11th February 1961.

The Muslim majority Northern area opted for Union with Nigeria and the Southern area voted to join Cameroon.
Northern Cameroon became the sardauna province of Northern Nigeria on 31 May 1961 while Southern Cameroon became West Cameroon, a constituent state of the federal Republic of Cameroon later that year on 1st Oct. 1961.

So for those that are shouting that Atiku is a foreigner, hope this concise historical analysis will help you to have a better understanding . Adamawa and Taraba States (old Gongola State), falls among the area that unite with Nigeria. So what is wrong with this unification? Does this made Atiku a foreigner?

Berlin Conference of 1884/85 that partitioned Africa, divided most states that has same cultural affinity and joined together states with different roots. Do you know that some part of Togo and Benin Republic are of Yoruba extraction? Some states in Northwest geopolitical zone has similar culture and tradition with Niger Republic, Fulani extraction!

Therefore, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is a bone fide citizen of Nigeria, simple!

*Chukwuemeka Mbah*, PhD in view.
Dept of History and International Studies
University of Nigeria, Nsukka.