a mock presidential speech by a Buharist

a mock presidential speech by a Buharist

*A mock presidential speech by a Buharist*.

Fellow Nigerians,
It is my pleasure to address you today. First, I would like to thank you for your support of this government in the last four years. Equally, I want to also thank you for the nation wide relatively peaceful campaign activities so far.
We will ensure that not only do we have credible elections, our elections must be conducted in an atmosphere of peace and mutual respect for divergent political affiliations.
I want to use this opportunity to address you on 2 main subjects, our economy and the next level.

We expect a challenging global economy ahead of us. Oil prices continue to be fragile and unstable. With our debt servicing at 50% of income, we have reached the safe limits of our borrowing capacity. Also, the new minimum wage will significantly increase our monthly financial obligations at the Federal level. With the economic picture clearly identified, so have we also defined a response and line of action as follows:
1. We shall continue to move our economy away from dependence on oil. Our efforts at diversification into agriculture and solid minerals is beginning to yield results. As we move forward in this direction, not only do we expect our foreign earning capacity to increase, we also expect to see a decline in our foreign import bills.
2. We intend to increase our internal revenue generation through identification of new revenue sources and blockage of leakages in existing revenue sources. This is our preferred option in preference to additional borrowings. I wish to state that the common Nigerian will not pay new or increase taxes in the foreseeable future. Ad you know, our Government is a common man friendly government.
The nextlevel is not just a campaign slogan.

A) What is NextLevel.
The next level is a collection of inter related projects and sub programs designed and carefully selected with the strategic objective to improve the lives of the common Nigerian and every Nigerian.
Therefore, the next level is more appropriately called the “Next Level program” and the sub programs include infrastructure, Manpower development, job creation
and empowerment sub programs.
Following from above, significant, continuous and sustained improved standard of living of every Nigerian is the “Next Level” we seek.
I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of the next level and next level programs via the online next level web pages and the various hard copy documents available for your pickup.
B) The next level program also represents our effort to define and set Nigeria’s goals, objectives, metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) over the next 4years. The next level program defines the criteria for the measurement and evaluation of performance and success of this administration in the next 4 years.
I must admit that in the last 4 years, the opposition attempted to undermine our achievements and successes because there were no quantifiable metrics and kpi’s defined at the onset of this administration. Now, we have set the performance measures and defined the success criteria over the next 4 years. This will eliminate any ambiguity and subjectivity in performance assessment from 2019 onwards.
Also kindly permit me to address you on key elements of the implementation of the Next Level program;
a) Stakeholder Engagement:
This government (your government) has done a good job in engaging all identified next level stakeholders.
We have setup various communication channels including online platforms and town hall meetings. I am very proud of the efforts of my deputy, Prof Osinbajo who continues to meet with you on the streets of Nigeria disseminating the next level agenda.
We shall engage all ministries, agencies and government parastatals to ensure a common understanding that the next level is not another budget “line item”. It defines the success criteria of this administration over a four year period.
You are a key and important NextLevel stakeholder.
b). Financial Framework: In the comings months, we will provide Nigerians with the budget estimate of the next level program, including the funding sources and funding schedule. In future budgets, the next level will be a line item.
c) Risk Management: I have directed the next level management team under the office of the Vice President to engage in a brainstorming sessions to identify all potential negative and positive threats that may impact the outcome of the program, with the view to provide a response plan.
d) Monitoring and Control: I have directed that a team of qualified Nigerian program management professionals be setup to monitor the progress of the next level program. The main objective is to manage the over 100 next level projects centrally for maximized benefits.
This team will identify component interdependencies, define milestones, master schedule (Start and Finish dates of all components) and next-level roadmap.
This team will equally interact with identified responsible persons from each involved ministries and facilitate collaboration among various ministries involved.
I will plan to provide Nigerians with updates and reports every 6 months. This will include dashboards, updated Gantt charts and a score card. We will be very transparent with you regarding the implementation of the NextLevel program.

Once again, I want to thank you for your continued support of this administration.
As you go out to vote in the next few days, I seek your approval and mandate of the Next Level business case and charter by voting for APC on Feb 16.
Be rest assured that I am doing my best to speak and fight for you on all issues that impact you individually and collectively as Nigerians. Insha Allah, I will not disappoint you.

A mock Presidential speech by
Buharist Femi Adegbulugbe.
National Treasurer – Buhari Movement (BM19)
South West Coordinator – APC Youth & Women Awareness Forum for PMB/PYO
Member – Next Level, IStandWithBuhari, Buhari Volunteer Movement, NCAN.
Patron – Proposed Federal Task Force Nigeria
A happy and proud Nigerian.

*Disclaimer*: This article represents personal and private views of a grassroot Buharist and does not in any way or manner suggest the views or comments of the President of the Federal Rep. of Nigeria, VP, and the Next Level.