Dr Chimaroke Nnamani: The return of the people’s mandate and trusted leader. By Chief Barr. (Mrs)Joy Jideofor

H.E Dr. Chimaroke Nnaman:The return of the people's mandate and trusted leader. By Chief Barr. (Mrs)Joy Jideofor

His Excellency Dr. Chimaroke Nnaman: The return of the people’s mandate and trusted leader.
Chief Barr. (Mrs)Joy Jideofor

A true leader knows that simply giving consistent effort in the little task of services, social reforms, kindness or sacrifice in day-to-day life leads to true greatness of a nation. If all politicians should make it a point of duty like His Excellency Dr. Chimaroke Ogbonnia Nnamani to develop and make life better for people in their units, wards, constituencies, states and regions-we will definitely have a great country where the youths will be empowered and women will be respected and given equal opportunities to make positive impact in the society. Chimaroke Nnamani became the first governor that reconganised the great need to empower women and involved them in leadership of Enugu state . I am a living testimony of his magnanimity and sensitive to the plight of women especially women in rural communities .

He had demonstrated an uncommon qualities as a true leader. No wonder Chimaroke is loved and very popular in Enugu state politics and therefore reason why he won the primary election under the platform of PDP for the 2019 senatorial election which is more or less like unopposed. This simple fact is a typical reflection of his popularity in the state especially in his zone, Enugu East.It is interesting that even a six years old child knows the political mantra of this great leader (the popular Ebeano )

It is paramount to mention that knowing the strengths and weaknesses of every individual to effectively manage the outcome of a team is imperative for success. A good Leaders should be one with great vision and ability to use the resources at hand to solve numerous problems. They take risks and make hard decisions, knowing they could sometimes be wrong. Those are the most important qualities of a true leader . Dr Chima has got the above qualities and that Accounted for his popularity and success as great governor of Enugu state .
Enugu State will forever miss the administration of Ebeano. A political family in Enugu state founded in Enugu by Senator Chimaroke Ogbonnia Nnamani. As far as Enugu politics is concern, this political family called Ebeano is still relevant and can not be neglected in decision making in political arena in the state and beyond. Their strong loyalty to the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria and strong resolve for a united action is a reflection of the leadership style of the action leader, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani.

Someone who leads by positive direction and builds agreement among its group members towards the accomplishment of a coordinated goal is the right man to lead. Ultimately, leadership is not about who is in charge. It’s about making sure your team stays focused on the goals, keeping them motivated and helping them be the best they can be to achieve those goals. I speak with pride when i look round the state to see great leaders created by Dr Chimaroke Nnamani. He produced many reputable senators who emulated the great leader in area of ensuring that dividends of democracy are delivered to the people . Great Ebeano does not just creat followers but he created reputable leaders .

Having been a witness to qualities of this benevolent leader, the best thing that will happen to Enugu East senatorial zone is to elect Chimaroke back as their senator because he will definitely be a worthy
Representative . I think he will continue to produce more leaders and make more Kings in Enugu east . He did it in the past and so can do it now even better. A vote for Chimaroke Nnamani is a vote for massive youth empowerment, jobs and other democratic dividends to the people of Enugu East senatorial zone. A vote for true representative and politically informed intellectual. Chimaroke Nnamani is the best man for the job and am happy that he is going to the election unopposed. The political realities in Enugu East senatorial zone is a testament to this.

If it is not a product of Ebeano family, it cannot be like them. His Excellency Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani has built and nurtures a political family in Enugu that has become a trusted and respected brand name in Enugu state political arena. It takes nothing but such a humble , dedicated and dynamic leader like Dr Chimaroke Nnamani for the political family to still remain strong and highly sort after in Enugu state politics.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not trying to present to you an image of a Saint, no. What I am saying is that His Excellency Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani knows his job well and he does it better and should be voted again as senator representing Enugu East senatorial zone to continue his youth and women empowerment and raising leaders that will transform our society for good.

Dear good people of Enugu east , take a wise decision and Vote Ebeano come 23rd February as your future lies in your hand and vote .

Chief Barr. (Mrs)JoyJideofor
(Kpakpando 1 of Ndumeze Kingdom)



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