Adam Lamido Sanusi Speaks On Splitting Of Kano Emirate, Says father is attacked –

Adam Lamido Sanusi S

Emir Sanusi’s son, Adam Lamido Sanusi (Ashraf) who spoke on the splitting of Kano Emirate that has sparked controversy lately, has stated that it will only stand if the governor’s motives were pure.Emir Sanusi’s son who spoke on the splitting of Kano emirate via Instagram, revealed that his father was being attacked because of his blunt stance on issues.

His post reads in part;

Do not hate anyone because they favour the other as they may not fully comprehend what is happening. Let us be fair, let us work hard at our own lives and pray Allah handles the rest. Between the Emir and the Governor whoever is right, we pray succeeds, my father speaks what is on his mind when he believes he should, I do not believe he is wrong for this. If he is dethroned/ reduced in status then I still wish that for my people, you get a right and just leader like him. If he is increased I still wish that he continues to be just. May Allah give us the best of outcomes for our people. Ameen.



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