Ministerial Appointment: Big Names In C/River Buhari Must Avoid

Ministerial Appointments

Cross River State remains one of the states that has been favoured by President Buhari with sensitive appointments to various ministerial positions. Ironically, the said appointees were so selfish and elitist that the impact of the appointments did not trickle down to the grassroots.

The selfish and arrogant nature of the state’s big names in the All Progressive Congress (APC) is quite overbearing. The same class of people had appointments, shared contracts to cronies and neglected core grassroots APC mobilisers who struggled to fix their names in all party committees. They were so self-serving that the projection of their ego mattered more to them than party interests. Their concentration was never to build the party, flaunting their ego was more important to them than building the party. Their ego fight plunged the party into one form of irreconcilable fight to another. Giving appointment to any of them will further cause infighting and division that will decimate the APC in the state.

While some grassroots mobilisers stayed firm in pursuit of party agenda, the supposed big names constantly played APC in the day and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at night and were often selling the party for some contracts or appointments from PDP governors.

What this government needs is fresh and committed party men for ministerial slot in Cross River State. The state’s big names are over-fed and uncommitted to the party.  A dedicated and energetic party man will serve CRS interest than the recycled old names.

Names like Usani Uguru Usani who was appointed minister in Niger Delta and was at the arrow head of all the crisis in the state must be ignored. Report of anti-party activities against him led to his eventual suspension by the APC National Working Committee and the mention of his name breeds animosity.

Usani appropriated the Niger Delta Ministry to himself without empowering any party man. His major personal aids are non-indigenes of the state. He played the spoiler game when he could not get the party’s ticket and used false claims of being the APC flag bearer in court to make gain so much fraudulent and unmerited favours from some supporters across party lines and friends of the President.

Another name is Victor Ndoma Egba. He still has PDP blood running in his veins and is largely elitist and empowers only his family members. He was the chairman, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) board who constantly fled from responsibilities by claiming that he was not running any election.

He fought against Buhari in the 2013 Presidential election and quickly decamped to APC after GEJ lost. On the day he decamped from PDP to APC, he claimed he was not interested in any position but has come to build the party but today, he has become the most desperate for appointments. He later manipulated himself to NDDC and is still cutting all corners in desperation for CRS ministerial slot. Ndoma-Egba brags of his relationship with Vice President Osinbajo who doubles as his school mate and birthday mate and feels very little need to build the party. His lack of depth made his unpopular political son, Sandy Onor, to win him with a large margin as the incumbent PDP Senator representing central senatorial district in the state. Ndoma is constantly at the corridors of power with no grassroots base because of his selfish and elitist style of politics.

Then there is Okoi Obono Obla who is both the senior adviser to the president on prosecution under the office of the Attorney General of the Federation and chairman of the Special Presidential Investigation Panel (SPIP) for the recovery of public property. His role in the party was to grab and criticise others while contributing nothing. He chased every opportunity for himself and never cared about others, and that is why he presently holds two appointments when others have none.

John Owan Enoh is the next on the list. Enoh came to the party with much a disposition to fight perceived political enemies. He considered himself the only candidate that can win election but was defeated even in his local government. And when he eventually got the APC gubernatorial ticket, he occupied himself with excluding perceived political enemies instead of uniting the party to ensure his gubernatorial victory.

To spite the party, he choose his deputy from PDP, neglecting party men that have sacrificed to build the party before he joined. He has been a legislator for 20 years with no structure to show besides his private business.

National vice chairman South-south, Hillard Etta, is another personality worthy of neglect. He rose in politics when mainstream party members planted stooges in opposition parties to serve as snitches, the reason he is perceived as a sellout.

All through his time as a politician, he is known for getting only three votes in his pooling unit. As the vice chairman, South-south, Hillard is believed to have worked against the party. These allegations are always confirmed by the fact that he is known for buying lands and building houses after each electoral season. He is a major factor in the division of the party and works where there is financial inducement

Full blown PDP member, Jedy Agba only ran to APC to protect himself from investigation after his activity as group managing director (crude) NNPC. Since he joined the party, he has never sponsored nor campaigned for any APC candidate especially in the build up to the 2019 general election.

His disdain for the party is noticeable as he was absent during the presidential campaign and the pool campaigns of all APC candidates.