Enugu Governor


Fathers day are seldom celebrated with pomp and pageantry like mothers day because most fathers are authority figures and their children only know them as the man who gives orders and does not tolerate nonsense. Fathers leave home early for work, return either frustrated from harsh economic realities or exhausted from the days activities.

Many Fathers die why they are still alive because most of them live in fear, worry, anxiety of how to meet increasing financial pressures with dwindling resources. So, they lose the thrills of the moment and hardly remember to be friends to their children. Many adults today don’t have wonderful childhood memory of ever seeing their father attend to the children’s emotional needs. So, the children grow up with fond memories of their mother and in some cases grow to hate their father if they had manipulative mothers who either told outright lies or half truths. Can a father boldly say to their children that he is heart broken because his business is failing or that their mother is the source of his sorrow? Many fathers become bitter and end up being toxic bcos of frustrations of life and worse marital disappointment. Unhappy fathers seldom make happy homes. Many fathers are misunderstood as toxic by their children without knowing the root cause of the toxicity. Toxins build up, so do marital frustrations.

Today, depression, drug abuse, acoholicism is a major problem in Nigeria. Depression is as real as the air we breathe. The worsening agent of depression is when a father rejects a child because he made a mistake. People make mistakes. Some mistakes carry life altering consequences. Many drug addicts confess that they got hooked the first day they consumed drugs. Drugs alter reality. Drugs are worse than demons. In united states and Europe, the statistics of drug addiction is staggering. In Northern Nigeria, its alarming. Niger delta region also struggles with the menace. Today, its getting into southeast Old bendel state was known for growing and consuming marijuana, and smokers of weed were known for black lips, red eyes, coarse voice and misbehavior. Today, the rap music made cocaine to look appealing as recreational drugs for wealthy kids. The not so wealthy kids find cheap substitute termed crack. No drug leaves the brain and behavior undamaged. Drug addicts have challenges with hygiene as they lose sense of reality. Many indulge in petty crimes to sustain addiction as the fear of withdrawal syndrome is worse than fear of snake bite. Drug addicts are helpless as abrupt withdrawal can lead to seizures and even death. Drug addicts need help.

A few days ago, governor ugwuanyi went on inspection of rehabilitated roads at O’Connor by the popular inland pharmacy. The location had a popular nite club that closed down some 12 years or more and a cinema that also closed down some 3 decades before. It was a place that had history with suburb. The governor discovered that addicts were many in the place.These facts were hidden from him and most people as corrupt security turned blind eyes to the menace. It was a place of sorrow and shame for fathers as therein litter sons and daughters who fell into the gutters of life to become society rejects thru drug addiction. Which father would be proud of a son that sleeps on the streets , can’t take bath even after university education? Drug addicts world over are source of concern to govt and society at large. Singapore put death penalty on drugs to curb the sales. Governor ugwuanyi ordered that addicts be forcefully taken off the place and special team be setup to identify and arrest suppliers of drugs and prosecute them. Rehabilitation start with forceful interruption of daily consumption so that the body’s over dependence can adjust and coping mechanism initiated. Rehab requires first acceptance by victims that they need help.

While at the seen, he saw running addicts trying to evade arrest and asked someone around there in a fathers anger , ‘WHERE IS ACHO EDE? ‘

ACHO Ede is personally known to me. I cannot deny him. We lived together in my parents house while growing up. He is a brilliant person who fell into drug addiction. He had gone to rehab many times and had relapse. He had made efforts to stop but failed. ACHO Ede came to me with tears that he had failed everyone. He has healthy looking children and I wondered how he took care of them despite his addiction challenge. In tears, he said gov ifeanyi ugwuanyi paid my children’s school fees and never abandoned me starting from the time he was at national assembly. He said, gov promised me a job if I can recover. I want to be a normal person, he said. Its a struggle. I told him I know. But, he said what kind of father would refuse to abandon failed son? He said, I wish gov ugwuanyi a happy fathers day and pray to God to help me overcome demon of drug addiction. He said, if I overcome gov ugwuanyi will give me a job. He keeps his promises. A good father keeps promises to his children.

Gov ugwuanyi is not just a loving man, but a compassionate leader. Nigerians strive to get citizenship of America even by marriage to 85 years old grannies by men as young as 30. Why? America cares for its people. They have social security that provides food stamps, education, transport for USA children and other benefits especially for the old people. Governor ugwuanyi works relentlessly to ensure that people of Enugu state feel the love, compassion, development that touches even the poorest lives in Enugu. Poor lives matter is a motto to him. He has awards for grassroots development cos he understand that over 70 percent of Nigerians live in the rural communities as indigenous people. When u improve quality of lives in rural communities ,you reduce crime and poverty.

Few days ago, leaders of oruku and umuode communities in Nkanu east Lga who had been Locked in land tussle for over 20 years signed land sharing deeds. Oruku and umuode is a case of two brothers that had fought themselves with bitterness. Its over they happily said. The battle is over. Gov ugwuanyi sat as a father and won the hearts of the fighting brothers and they dropped their anger and came to the peace accord. Peace advocacy is a natural gift ugwuanyi has because of his fatherly heart. If pastors can learn this, church battles will reduce. If many husbands and wives can learn peace strategy, bickering will reduce and high blood pressure from marital challenge will reduce. Sadly, beer parlours will have problems as late night men will go home .

Good father shows care and goes all out to receive his son and help him stand. This is the message of love gov ugwuanyi. He won hearts before winning votes. Enugu is the most peaceful state today in Nigeria. Good fathers include everyone in sharing. Gov ugwuanyi calls it political inclusion. South east ask president buhari to practice inclusion as antidote to distrust and bickeringin the polity.

Nigerian youths pray our president to understand the role of fathers and power of words. Our president should love all Nigerians irrespective of religious, ethnic or social standing.

I salute all fathers.