Many people could be wondering about the cause of the incessant tyre-burst accidents which have claimed many lives on our roads. The major cause is that tyres are being over inflated.

A friend of mine was preparing for a journey, he change his tyres and demanded to know from the vulcanizer the required amount of pressure required for motor tyres. He was told that the required amount of pressure was 50. He then requested that his four tyres be inflated to such amount.

On reaching his destination, he met some people who were discussing about the cause the untimely demise of a Nigerian minister who died as a  result of burst tyres. He picked interest in the conversation due to his lack of knowledge on the real cause of the tyre burst, knowing that there was no way a minister could be moving in his vehicle with expired tyres.

One of his friends who had spent many years iin the United States told him that nothing could have been the cause if not the too much pressure being put in tyres. He further said that, each car has a recommended size and pressure clearly written on it by the manufacturer. He was surprised and asked the man to show him the part that contains the information. Lo and behold, it was by the drivers door side which he was ignorant of. He checked his and discovered that the required amount of pressure was 32. He was taken round and was able to discover that most tyres are not above 32. He was shocked at the revelation.

Conclusively, he said that, tyres are made of rubber and they are bound to expand at high temperature. When a car is covering a long distance under the sun and the pressure in it is above the recommended amount it is bound to burst due to expansion. When the asphalt gets hot due to hot weather the tyre as a result of high temperature will want to expand, if the pressure is too much to accommodate the expansion, the tyre would burst.

All car owners should be very mindful and the same time careful so that they won’t make the mistake of over inflation. They should make sure that they have the routine knowledge of the amount of pressure recommended for their vehicles’ tyres.

However, lack of maintenance can also result to tyre accident. Proper check up and routine maintenance can also help prevent avoidable car crashes.

The vulcanizers on the other hand are not helping matters, most of them don’t seem to know the amount of pressure to be inflated into tyres largely due to illiteracy on their parts. For safety purposes one must be conscious of minor information because such minute detail can save the lives of many people.

Written by Ezeagu Thomas C.