By Biggy  Enugu


Promiscuous married ladies residing mostly at Independence layout axis and other parts of Enugu metropolis have turned the renowned Micheal Okpara Square situated within the three-arms zone into a daylight red light district. OTIGBA JUCTION

Women at junction Most of the women,who converge on the dual carriage road inward of the Enugu High Court, park their millennium cars indiscriminately on both sides of the road which reduces the road size. It is a place many use for road jogging to keep fit and shed weight. But there are many who visit there ostensibly to engage or hook up some men for relationships some of which are illicit as many of the women are married.

There are also the singles. Pretending to engage in physical exercise, the women troop out as early as 5.30 AM wearing skimpy clothes which expose their curves. Some of them even make their intentions clear. The place has all the trappings of a red light district where commercial sex workers hibernate at night like the Otigba Juction, New haven. But the difference is that things happen here at Opara Square in the mornings. And sports or morning exercises are used as a cover unlike Otigba Junction which is a known red light district in Enugu.

Apart from the married ladies who dot the road for early morning exercise, young men,whose  Yahoo  businesses have hit the rock, also file out at the area under guise of morning exercises to lure the women into their dragnet. Some of them serve as pimps to the ladies. Saturday Correspondent  investigation showed that most of ladies,are those whose husbands are either abroad or not resident in Enugu State or are always busy, traveling out of town. Although some are workers many are not under any public or private sector payroll which gives them the latitude of time to ply their trade between the hours of 6-10AM daily. There are also women who are not driven by money but just to socialise and find partners to satisfy their sexual desire. Further checks also showed that the place has become a mobile market where Sports wear dealers,fruit sellers,drug peddlers, among others thronge to sell their stuff daily. Teenage prostitution is also on the increase in the area as the girls besiege the area to flaunt their curves to men for patronage.

YAHOO  GUYS ACCOUNT This Saturday  correspondent reporter, decked in sports attire, was under cover to gather information at the area and met a young man who revealed that,”no sensible woman will come to this place under pretext of physical exercise. Most of the instructors are pimps who pass the ladies around to prospective customers. “The pimps collect their commission from ladies in return. Most of the ladies melt for blow jobs(Oral sex). One of them confessed to me that most ladies go nuts for blow jobs. She lamented that her husband does not give her blow job. There could be very few ones who come out for exercises but most of them are sex-driven. I wonder how they run their families if they have kids because they have to prepare the kids for school,engage in other domestic work among other things they would do at home between 6-10 AM daily rather than come out here to dangle curves that can tempt even a Catholic Priest. “Some of them, are divorcee or those whose husbands are not resident in Enugu. Some of them too,reside with their husbands in Enugu here. How can a married woman wear pants and skimpy top all in the name of physical exercise? Some of us have noticed that they are easy preys. So we are cashing in on them. We play the sugar boy role and lure them in for a major financial rip off. They are so gullible in all ramifications. They do drugs,alcohol among other illicit acts. It is interesting here”.

RECESSION HITS OTIGBA JUCTION SEX MARKET While the married ladies ply their daylight trade at Okpara Square,the teenagers who operate from 7PM-till dawn at Otigba are gnashing their teeth over the low patronage occasioned by the prevailing recession in the country. They lament that President Muhammad Buhari’s administration has forced them to reduce the cost of engaging them. Operating as a customer,Saturday correspondent picked Favour(not real name) and it went down thus: “Saturday Correspondent s car slowed down,the girls surged. Pointing at the fair girl,who hurriedly hooped into the car and after exchange of pleasantries, went straight to business. Saturday Correspondent ”I am in the mood for a short time,what will it cost? Favour replied: “Its N1,000. But I have a room at a hotel. So you do not need to pay for a room. Ordinarily,it would have cost N500 but because I am providing the room that is why I am charging N1,000.   This Buhari government has forced us to reduce the price. Although we have reduced the price, customers are even hard to get.”

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