By Livingstone Wechie

When you say this union is not negotiable, you mean that my freedom is under your dictates and my bondage will be forever?? who gave you the mandate to speak for me?? When was a referendum conducted and it was resolved that Nigeria is not negotiable?? You campaign for the recognition of the Palestinian state and you come here to stop my right to self determination??

I insist that what we need now is to fight legally for our right to self determination.. Like General Akinrinade once said “If Nigeria breaks up so bloody what?? Ahmadu Bello once said in a battle script on Parrot Newspaper of 12th October 1960 “The new nation called Nigeria shall be the estate of our great grand father Uthman Dan Fodio we ruthlessly resist a change of power using the minorities of the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory never allowing them rule over us or have control over their future ” No one can be born to rule over me. Let’s not deceive ourselves, it’s my opinion that Nigeria has no constitution, that what we have is a compendium of decrees of various northern dominated military juntas which seized my oil and gas assets and sequestered my lands…

A constitution that forged my signature “WE THE PEOPLE ” to justify my enslavement does not have my subscription because it fails every condition on what a constitution is and how it is generated… You can not build a house from the rooftops but from the foundation… Those who think our problem is leadership should realize that if we have strong institutions, leadership will have no choice than to do right. The only way to get a strong institution is to get the right structure. The way to get the right structure is to restructure.

The way to restructure is by having me and you asking ourselves through a referendum whether we want to be together and if the result is in the affirmative then what will be the terms of the coexistence? The terms of that arrangement will become our constitution that will bind us and then I will have the sense of stake holding. This was exactly the proposal of Bola Ige…

In the words of Prof. Chinweizu”1914 amalgamation of Nigeria is the root of all evils “..
Each time you vote in Nigeria during an election, you renew the lifespan of this document called constitution that makes you a nobody. A document that legalizes corruption and immunes the corrupt from punishment. All because there is no crime in stealing the spoils of war.