“how Nigerians are interpreting Trump’s victory “.


Since Donald J Trump rocketed into the waves, Nigerians have busied themselves with explaining the import of his victory. Schools of thought have emerged and collected followers.

We have the indomitable Biafran agitators. This is yet another straw for them. They have a quixotic faith that Trump may issue a certificate of divorce for the dissolution of the Nigerian marriage. Here, Trump is a great beacon light of hope to an oppressed people whose previous attempt at emancipation was suppressed with heavy brutality. This reasoning is not totally delusional. The chances are slender but not completely outside the range of physical possibility.

There is the strangest of all the interpreters. He is the rabid religionist. Latterly, he appears to have been consuming too much of the opium. To him, Obama is an appointed satanist with depraved objectives of legalizing sodomy across the world, implanting signs of The Beast on the forehead of all men, and bringing to fruition the dreadful prophecies scribbled in the old book. Trump’s victory in the opinion of the queer-headed religionist is the same as Christ’s triumph over the Devil.

. A proponent of the religionist school intoned that Clinton– Obama’s prodigy — nursed an inclination to gather all the bibles in the world (both soft and hard copies) in order to rewrite them and accommodate some satanic teachings. But you won’t throw the blame on him. Religion is to the mind what disease is to the body only that religion happens to be more destructive in impact. . The next are the sulky supporters of Goodluck Jonathan. Trump’s victory here equates retributive justice. Obama superimposed a cancerous Buhari on them. It is high time a crazy fellow materialized from somewhere to make a dog’s breakfast of his legacies. . Their argument has a second limb. Obama wilfully frustrated Jonathan’s administration. He stopped patronising our oil. He niggardly refused to lend us the fearsome American arsenal in our quarrel with insurgents. To the Jonathanian, God just commenced unleashing punishment on Obama and all his cohorts.

To others, Trump reaped the fruit of ingeniously reactivating a long-sleeping American sentiment. He spoke the minds of Americans when he talked about taking back their jobs, country and of sweeping out illegal immigrants. To this class, Trump cashed in on the prevalent social spirit. . Others are of different persuasion. They interpreted Trump’s victory as the triumph of ultranationalism, xenophobia and chauvinism. His victory here is a lamentable mistake made by an irate mob of electorate. It is the prevailing of group stupidity. A defeat of reason. A ghastly backlash of democracy. The costliest mistake in the whole of electoral history. I am espousing the views of this school.