10 Signs that tells you, you have found your soul mate

soul mate
10 Signs that tells you, you have found your soul mate Does soul mate really exist or is it just a mere fantasy? That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the issue of soul mate.
Finding your soul mate can be the best thing that can happen to you, that one person that understands you, goes extra miles for you, and soothes your moods, in other words, that person that makes you whole because you are incomplete without the person.
Finding your soul mate and finding a partner are two different things, the former is more like you finding your missing rib, while the latter can be just love between you two.
It is like finding your Adam or Eve. Soul mate supersedes love, it is like having another you in the same universe whom you also love.
Most times, your soul mate might be someone you hate but can gradually grow into loving them, there were people that made our blood hot (made us angry) but later on, how we started loving them became a mystery.
Your partner might not make you complete, but your soul mate does, with a soul mate, you don’t need a side chick or a mistress, a maga or an assistant boyfriend because what you have supersedes love, it’s like a sibling relationship, where you can’t get another sibling because your sibling annoyed you.
No matter the quarrel or misunderstanding, you will always find your way back to your soul mate. These are the signs that tells you, that you have found your soul mate
1. If they like what you like and hate what you hate.
2. If you feel empty or incomplete without them.
3. If they have the same thinking as you or if they understand you even though it feels stupid to other people.
4. If they occasionally complete your sentence or say the same thing at the same time.
5. If they know how to soothe your different moods.
6. If they know when something is wrong with you even though you try to hide it.
7. If they always have your back no matter what.
8. If they blindly trust you.
9. If your relationship with the person makes you better whether financially or morally.
10. If their pains affects you without even knowing they are in pain.