DSS to spend N4.9bn on intelligence, rifles,jammer

DSS to spend N4.9bn on intelligence, rifles,

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The Government is proposing to spend a total sum of

N4 .93 bn to acquire intelligence equipment, assault rifles, cellular

jammer and other security gadgets for the Department of State

Services in 2017 .

Details of the proposed spending are contained in the 2017

budget , which was submitted to a joint session of the National

Assembly by President Muhammadu Buhari on December 14 .

The N 7 .3 tn budget has a total capital vote of N2 .24 tn ,

representing 30 . 7 per cent of the budget , while the recurrent

component stands at N 2 . 98 tn with the rest allocated to debt


A breakdown of the N 4 . 93 bn reveals that the sum of N1 .45 bn is

budgeted for maintenance and service warranties for all

communication intelligence equipment for the DSS, while N340 m

is budgeted for the purchase of Trevor assault rifles.

The government is also proposing to purchase handheld direction

finder for the DSS at a sum of N 97 .9 m , while the acquisition of

antennae forensic solution and the purchase of Orion mines

detectors are expected to gulp N 648 m and N 25 m respectively.

Similarly, the purchase of Sony handheld radios is being proposed

for N216 m , while the sums of N 150 m , N 22 m , N 168 m are budgeted

for Oscor blue analyser, cellular jammer and armoured land –

cruiser vehicles respectively.

In the same vein, N3 .9 m is budgeted for laptops for intelligence

processing; N 5 m for purchase of surveillance audio microphone

set; N 37 .9 m for the purchase of Jericho pistol for the service ;

N35 m for cyber security equipment ; N 21 .9 m for the acquisition

of handheld detectors and N102 . 5 m to link crime database to all


Server and operational control room equipment are to be

acquired at the sum of N 184 .3 ; assault rifles for the service ,

N78 . 8 m ; purchase of five – seven pistol N 206 .7 m ; baggage scanner

N50 m ; maintenance of baggage scanner , N 124 .9 m ; purchase of

body armour , N 42 . 5 m , while mini explonix is estimated at N 50 m .

The rest are the acquisition of ballistic helmet , N25 m ; backpack

bomb jammer , N70 .5 m ; purchase of 5 . 56 mm ammunition for the

service , N 407 m ; convoy protection bomb jammer , N250 . 8 m , and

the purchase of 7 .62 mm ammunition for the service N 75 m .



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