Xenophobia: Burn down MTN, Multichoice, Shoprite, and South Africa will cry –FFK


Former Minister of Aviation and PDP chieftain, Femi Fani-Kayode has lashed out on South Africans concerning the recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians.

In a recent tweet, he listed some of the South African companies in Nigeria. He warned that if the xenophobic attacks on us by South Africa continues, we will burn down their companies.

According to his tweet,
“Burn down MTN, the South Africans will stop killing our people. Burn down Multichoice, they will beg. Burn down Shoprite, they will cry”.

My Take

The South Africans are pushing us harder to the wall. The killing of our brothers who have taken south Africa as their second home is barbaric and an act wickedness.

The spate of xenophobic attacks meted out on us is getting out of hand. Nobody has the monopoly of violence. No matter how useless or tolerant one can be doesn’t mean that one cannot exert violence when compelled to do so.

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We have been victims of series of xenophobic attacks by South Africans. Last year we were butchered and displaced by this people in the name of xenophobia and this year they have started it again.

Do they think we can do nothing? Besides, our keeping silent doesn’t mean we don’t know what to do. And if the push us further harder to the wall, our reaction will be disastrous and barbaric. And whatsoever consequences that may follow we shall face them.

However, they should remember that they have many companies like MTN, Multi choice, DSTV, Shop rite and many others in Nigeria. If they don’t desist from this nonsense we will take down these companies like an earthquake.

Moreover, it is important we remind them in case they suffer from amnesia of the crucial help we rendered them to become dependent. Let them also remember the role we played in bringing to an end the monstrous apartheid policy in their country. If you no longer want our company with you why not state it in clear terms and give us time to vacate your country?

In order to justify their actions, the government of South Africa have accused Nigerians of being responsible for the corruption and moral decadence pervading their country especially, their girls. And that we are responsible for drug trafficking in the country. But my question is- who patronizes the drug dealers if not the same people attacking us.

If you don’t want our coexistence it will be better you let us know. We are very ready to take bull by the horn if this persists.