buhai-cat and mouse

Buhari like every other contender to the highest political office of the nation suffered a great setback during the electioneering campaign in the build up to 2015 general elections.
However, one of the issues that stuck as a toga on his greatly laundered image was his seeming health incapability which rebuffed all clandestine efforts of his comrades to be obvious in his sickened and trembling looks.
A reporter apparently frustrated for the umbrage his health was generating over the media mustered the courage to ask the then presidential aspirant of APC if he would be mentally and healthily capable to be saddled with the huge responsibilitie

of the most coveted office of the Nigeria presidency if elected. The president in an apparent political swift to send bellicose jingoism in his teaming supporters and in a grasp at straws challenged the reporter to a race.
The social media went agog, his supporters flung logic, reality and rationality into asinine propositions and eulogised Buhari by pronouncing to the abash of political onlookers that a general is always a general. He was praised, worshipped and we were booed and our images tainted in the most uncouth and obnoxious language.
They forgot that every human irrespective of class and position in life can infact be sick. They were quick to discountenance the likely repetition of the Yar’Adua situation and the possibility of the attendant political uncertainty that followed
Kwankwaso who was also in the race against Buhari in the APC primaries raised alarm of a grand plan to foist sick Buhari on Nigeria and eventually deny the North of their opportunity again. He was roundly lambasted and taken to the cleaners by this very vultures who were not unaware that Buhari was not only old but also obsolete and incurably sick, coerced Nigerians into VOTING him with a calculated agenda to hide under the cloak of the presidency and brandish orders so as to control our common wealth.
They got what they wanted, Mamman Daura, the defacto president of Nigeria. A potbellied bourgeoisie who is hardly seen in public functions due to his obsession with civilization and democracy controlled the president from the bedroom. The hotheaded battle with Aisha for her husband’s bedroom cannot be discountenanced as chiefly responsible for the Lamentations of Aisha in London where she abased the president and authoritatively confided in the world that a cabal without voters card has hijacked her husband’s presidency.
It was a defeatist voice of a powerless woman who has lost her lovely husband of years to a cabal after a fierce battle in the dead of the night.
Our problem started from there when the president was turned into a carton, remote controlled by men of power from the comfort of their beds.
They were not unwary of orchestrating a one sided appointment to piss off the South and force the impression of a Northern hegemony on the rest of Nigeria. The recent DSS recruitment is a pointer to that fact. It was the quota system smuggled into the recruitment of Nigerians in the army by an NPC senior politician in the 1960s and the then minister of defence, Inuwa Wada under which competency and meritocracy were sacrificed on the alter of favouritism, nepotism, fanatism and incompetency in recruitment into the Nigerian Army and other key sectors and which is strictly adhered to when it favours the north and dropped with impunity when it won’t allow complete Northern majority that chiefly led to great disaffection and gave immense justification to the Biafran sentiment that followed in later years.
The appointment of one Rtd colonel Lawan Daura, a fanatic from Katsina to head DSS when there are retinue of qualified men in DSS service who can competently head the agency cannot in view of the agency’s recent lopsided recruitment and deliberate harassment of a section of the country’s citizens and unconstitutional vilification of opposition figures be dismissed as a mere wishful employment without an evil agenda despicable to the very foundations of our nationhood.
The greatest disservice they did to the president and Nigeria was to be ignominiously economical with the truth as to the true state of his health. The president is a sacrificial lamb whose life is given an infinitesimal consideration in their quest for complete control of our common wealth and to achieving their treacherous and wicked ambition. They are comfortable with keeping him far from the grips of medical attention and care just to consolidate on their pseudo presidency and completely exploit their inherited vineyard.
He was first hurried to London in the guise of a 10day vacation and when it became obviously uncontrollable, they acquiesced that he was on medical vacation even as Lai was still vocal in his traditional mannerism of saying the truth by half that he was hale and hearty. The shrouded nature of the reportage nearly comatosed the polity and when the fine gentleman in Osinbajo was taking a toll on the numerous Nigerian problems with a comfortable margin above the average, they became jittery and hurled a dying Buhari into Nigeria. Just to reassert authority and continue their grip on power unchallenged.
The frustration stained voice of Babachir Lawal, the estranged SGF when he questioned who the presidency was, further evidenced my earlier claim that president Buhari has lost his head, his govt and the presidency. It shows that we are now been controlled by a group of cabals who has no business with the rulership of our nation and whom we never entrusted the administration of this country ab initio to.
The president working from home was another fat lie to cow Buhari and confine him to a solitary exile so as to comfortably ravage our national cake and control the highest political power in our nation’s representative democracy. The recent reappearance of Buhari is just a political gimmick to douse the tension and continue their lootocracy, kleptocracy and dictatorship.
The president of Nigeria today and the Buhari in the govt of president Mohammed Buhari’s govt are the ambassadors of poverty. The fanatics, the 97% and 5% advocates, they are those haggling for power and always hankering a political way out with their evil lies.
Their voice is loud through Lai Mohammed while their engineer is comfortably Mamman Daura, the autocratic leader of the defunct powerful Kaduna Mafia.
They are those who have strangulated our economy and sent out federal character into exile.
They are commandeering the presidency and ruthlessly steering the ship of our dear state to capsize.
The president Mohammed Buhari govt is illegal. A doctrine of necessity must be invoked to pave way for Prof Yemi Osinbajo SAN to step in as we cannot take orders from the evil spirits that currently landlords Asorock but from Osinbajo who by the incapacitation of Buhari and by virtue of being 2nd in command and in view of section 145 of our constitution the president of the federal republic of Nigerian.
We can no longer take orders from faceless and ghost Buharis
The Nigerian military and paramilitary, the Governors, every parastatal and ministry and other critical agencies in the Nigerian state must boycott any orders coming from the presidency as we don’t know who they are and they have no powers by the constitution whatsoever to issue such orders.
The fourth Nuremberg principle is clear that the orders of even the president should be ignored if such orders are illegal
God Bless Nigeria
Comrade Okpe Sylvanus
Political Commentator And Civil Right Activist.
chief Political Editor With Statereporters Online News Cable